hello walls

We had another nice little storm last night. I always think its kind of eerie and fun when it’s dead calm outside and you hear the tornado sirens start up. I was talking to a coworker the other day about how neither of us have a healthy-enough fear of storms.

I lived very near the Texas gulf coast for a year (pre-spill, thankfully), and even during Hurricane Emily, when we were watching that giant red funnel rolling ashore in the wee hours of the morning, I was still only mildly concerned; and only then for my cat. (I didn’t even get the day off, because I worked at a TV station. Unfair!)

Anyway, last night’s storm was adequate, nothing special. The sky did turn all shades of bruise-yellow and green, but none of that “Auntie Em, I’ve gotta save Toto” stuff.

We did get some pretty good tidal wave action on the pond:

In my Borat voice: “Niiiice?”

[Climbs out of gutter]

In boring news, I had leftover barbecue chicken and slaw for lunch today, with some lettuce and hummus. Here’s a lousy picture:

The fluorescent lighting in my office makes everything look like cafeteria food. Meh. You know by now dear readers, that presentation means absolutely nothing to me.

More rain today.

Going to attempt something like a 2.5 mile run tonight. I’ve worn my orthotics for two full days in a row now without any pain or awkwardness, so I figure its about time to get back on that horse, so to speak (or quit beating that dead one).

I’ve got something like 21 weeks until marathon time and even though I estimate I’ll only need 16 to do the bare minimum training not make a total ass of myself, it’d be nice if I even could run a mile right now without this awkward, lopsided gimpy gait.

What was your worst race ever? What would you have done differently in training if you could go back?

Okay friends, have a good one. Someday I’ll be interesting again, I promise.

P.S. I thought Sunday was Father’s Day and I left my dad this dorky message on the machine only to learn several days hours later that it was not, in fact, Father’s Day. Call you again this weekend, Dad! Love you!

(Blog post title inspired by Faron Young, Hello Walls)


16 thoughts on “hello walls

  1. My worst race was my first 5k. I’d never been in a race before and had absolutely no idea what to expect. AND I had the worst flu I’ve ever had for over a week before the race. I was still sick on race day, too. 😦

  2. Training is for dorks. All my races are bad because I am really too busy to train properly. I kind of laugh at the ailment that pops up during the race.

    Maybe I should be more of a dork and train better. I have a 1/2 on Labor Day weekend. Since I have a treadmill in the house now, my excuses are going to be confirmed as “excuses” and not “reasons.”

  3. I have ever only done one race not counting jr high track and I went straight for a half marathon. I tried to train, but it was not adequate, but at least I finished and I never saw the slow poke bus.

    On another note, at least you were thinking about Father’s Day. A week early is way better than a week late.

  4. You guys are getting all the good storms. wtf. They warn us every day. And I got measly rain. During rush hour. And for the rest of the time it’s muggy as hell and I’m a hot mess (which, until the humidity dies down, I can blame it on such). Lame. There’s nothing better than falling asleep to serious rain and such… for real.

    • of course it doesn’t rain unless we’re trying to drive or run! Hopefully we’ll get a break – I heard some places around here have gotten 8 inches of rain in just 2 days– that’s more than it rains ALL YEAR where I come from.

  5. Oh god, last Saturday’s 10K is definitely a contender for worst race ever. It’s the only race I can think of where I’ve openly wept while running. Ugh. If there’s a worse one somewhere in my distant past, I’ve mercifully blocked it out.

    So what’s the latest on your injury? And which marathon are you running again? 16 weeks should be plenty of time to train.

    (P.S. I did the same thing for Father’s Day a couple of years ago. And also convinced my husband he had to call his dad too. We both got messages back a few hours later: “Thanks, but….”)

    • Crying during a race is like a rite of passage I think — kind of like barfing.

      The foot feels much better — I am running a couple miles at a time and the new orthotics seem to be doing the trick. I’m so impatient.

  6. Ahhh…Hurricane Emily! Memories. I remember writing script after script on how to prepare for it…and doing absolutely nothing I suggested. Did they make you spend the night at the station?

    • haha! Yes — on the floor of the conference room and I was so sick, I hardly slept. I was at work for about 36 hours before Jenny took pity on me and let me leave…although I doubt I could have left before that anyway with all the flooding and such.

  7. I was anemic but didn’t know it in my senior year conference championship 5K. With 1.5 miles to go, in front of a stadium of spectators, I simply couldn’t move anymore…but finished the race anyway, getting passed by almost everyone in the race. Then I burst into tears and threw my spikes at a wall. Classy!

  8. I’ve seen my share of storms – I stood outside in a football game in the inland remnants of one hurricane, and sat through a motorcycle race during another (remember good ol’ Hurricane Ike in ’08? Yeah, I was at Indy for the whole weekend).

    But that time I lived in a trailer in the Midwest, the tornado sirens were going off, and I stuck my then-infant son in his playpen in the hallway while the wind was blowing the rain sideways so hard that it was coming in between the top and bottom sashes of the windows? That one got my attention.

    BTW, “Hello Walls” used to be on the jukebox in the bar that my old Midwest hunting club ran. Imagine it playing, and when he says, “Hello Walls,” a half-dozen half-drunk guys echo him.

    • I feel like this is all leading up to one of those “you might be a redneck” jokes…

      You cannot beat classic country on the jukbox at the bar.

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