It was fun to hear your race stories — thanks guy! I’ll have to try to extract more embarrassing stories out of you guys next time…

My worst race ever was in high school cross country. I used to have this problem of needing to pee during every race. Whether it was nerves, over-hydration, under-hydration; it was a PR-killer for me in my formative years.

There was one particularly bad having-to-pee race that was in the foothills of the Sandias and even though it was shorter than the standard 5k, it was ALL HILLS. Throughout the race my only concern was finding a place I could slip off the path and do my business, but if you are familiar with New Mexican landscape, you know the type of foliage is somewhat sparse and not conducive to peeing incognito.

So I’m looking for a good place to step into the bushes; PR be damned, I just need to go before I have an even more embarrassing situation on my hands than a last-place finish. But every time I find a place that looks semi-concealed someone runs up behind me and I chicken out. I spent the whole race dodging on and off the path just because I was so terrified somebody might see me peeing in the bushes.

If only I’d known back then to just ask What Would Paula Radcliffe Do?


Anyway, last night’s run was a very nice, very pee-free run in my neighborhood to the tune of 2.5 miles (with socks, mostly because I forgot to not wear them). Felt good. Felt strong. No hurty. I finished in 24 minutes and COULD have kept going except that our daily tornado was on it’s way in and I didn’t want to end up in a tree two towns over.

I very obediently stretched and iced, and everything still actually feels decent today. I am debating whether or not to attempt an Eagle Creek run. I’ve been dying to get back into the woods, and I miss my running buddy! But I don’t want to push my luck, ya know? I think it would be smarter of me to do a few more days of 2-3 mile runs before heading back to the creek.

Hope you’re all having a spectacular Wednesday, or at least haven’t killed anyone yet. =)


3 thoughts on “WWPRD?

  1. Not yet. But it’s early.

    Heh. I’ve never seen that Paula video before. That’s damned funny. One of those situations that reminds me that I’m glad to be a guy.

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