born to love you

Hi, I’m your cat. If you don’t pay attention to me I’ll spill your water all over your phone.

In other news: my ARMS. Lordy. That Jillian lady wasn’t kidding.

Coincidentally, I had to do manual labor at work yesterday – one of the perks of working for a small company; you get to do everything – and I could feel twinges of agony in my biceps. But it didn’t get really bad until this morning.

After work I tried a little tenderness and did some yoga; thought maybe it would keep the body guessing and ease the soreness, but it did no such thing.

Then I tried a little running — although I could hardly swing my arms properly; I did my 2.5 miles in about 25 minutes again. But it didn’t start to feel anything even remotely close to natural until at least a mile in, and even then I felt like I had to focus intensely on every step.

My mom (hi mom!) told me she admired me because I keep insisting on doing something that’s really, really hard all the time. And that made me wonder, why do I even bother?

I have these giant bunions that stick out of my feet like little evil feet elbows, I have proportionally short legs and a low tolerance for dehydration. And I manage to hurt myself, like every other week.

Running is my abusive boyfriend and I’m the battered woman who keeps making excuses for staying with him.

It’s my fault, I didn’t train well enough. I had it coming to me, not stretching after that 8 miler. You don’t understand, it’s complicated. You don’t know running like I do.

Running keeps kicking the crap out of me and I just keep taking it.

So why do I do it?

Well, I’m in love.

Now. Who wants cat stew?

This blog post title was inspired by Caddy Shack, and the great Chevy Chase.


12 thoughts on “born to love you

  1. Biceps are fun. I occasionally will do hard curls and wake up the next day unable to completely flex or extend my arms without making faces – so I walk around the whole day with my elbows at a 45-degree angle.

    Triceps are worse, though. Nothing like walking into the shower in the morning only to realize you can’t raise your arms over your head.

    But quads…let’s just hope you don’t have stairs in your house. I once had to rest between floors on the day after squats or deadlifts. And there are only 12 steps.

  2. I love how your mom said that! My mom is usually just like “why are you doing that? lets go shopping.” annoying I like pushing myself!! I just came across your blog and I’m loving it! 🙂

  3. My cats were in a tizzy yesterday because I was opening cans that weren’t cat food. One of them seriously has a memory of steel, he followed me around for like two hours after I opened a can of beans, giving me quizzical looks and begging for food.

    Hope the guns feel better soon! Sounds like a kickass workout you had there!

  4. Hi, I’m your cat. Whatever you’re reading magically turns into the most comfortable bed on earth.

    You bother because he really, really loves you. He just gets so mad sometimes, you know?

  5. I hurt myself six weeks before EVERY 1/2 or full I run…without fail. But none of the injuries are ever running related. I can’t wait to see what this one has in store for me. I am thinking a severe case of hemorrhoids might just be what the doctor ordered.

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