becoming shredded

Morning – who’s got a case of the Mondays?

We stayed up until after midnight watching the 40-year-old Virgin (stupid because we own it) and some documentary about schizophrenics (which is just always awesome).

I did the Shred at 10 p.m. — weird.

Rewind. Yesterday afternoon we jaunted out to Upland Brewing’s Indy tasting room. It was such a neat, eclectic little place — so it’s really such a shame I didn’t bring my camera. (THE HORROR!) I snapped a few shots with hubby’s phone, I’ll dig ’em out later if I remember.

Hubby drank a pint of their wheat and I did the six-flight sampler (they also offer a three-flight sampler if you’re so inclined). My favorite was the Double Dragonfly IPA (9.1% ABV/80+ IBU), but a close second was their Nut Hugger Brown (5.2% ABV/40 IBU). I don’t usually like brown ales — it probably stems from a bad experience I had back in college (I know you think I’m going to elaborate on that; I’m not).

After that we ate at the Canal Bistro and had the most incredible gyros of our lives (but the plates were HUGE and we have a ton of leftovers– hello lunch!).

My husband fancies himself a connoisseur of gyro meat because he grew up in Chicago and worked in Greektown for a while. It annoys him when people don’t know how to pronounce gyro. (YEE-RO, not JY-RO! Hubby thanks you.)

The Bistro had Upland’s regular-strength Dragonfly IPA on tap (me), and Sun King’s Sunlight Cream Ale (husband).

So you can see why I felt compelled to do a workout before bed.

The Shred was easier this time around; I managed five “real” push-ups and then did girly ones for the rest of the circuit.

For those of you who haven’t had their ass kicked by Jillian yet, the 20-minute work out consists of three circuits: three minutes of strength, two minutes of cardio and one minute of abs (and a minute each for warm-up and cool-down, if you’re doing the math.)

The strength portion of the first circuit is the hardest, I think. You do a minute of push-ups, then jump up and do squats while lifting over your head with your hand weights; then drop down for another minute of push-ups. This is usually about the time I begin cursing Jillian through clenched teeth.

But, holy shnikies, does it work.

On running: Will give that another go tomorrow. Wish me luck.

7 thoughts on “becoming shredded

  1. You’re going to hate Level 2. Level 3 strength isn’t bad. But Level 2 blows.

    I’m just throwing that out there.

    And my pushups always start with the best intentions of regular ones, but I drop the knee halfway through…. Every time.

  2. I see the Shred reviews everywhere and for some reason still havent tried it.

    I cannot stand when people pronounce gyro incorrectly and do the same things with movies I own, I will never pop it into the dvd player but will watch if it’s on tv. Funky.

  3. I did the Shred once. It hurt my knees, made me cranky and took away the possibility of me raising my arms above my ribcage the next day. Thx but no thx Jillian.

  4. Unrelated thought: i bet you there is a 40 year old schizophrenic virgin that would like someone to do a documentary about him. don’t you?

    Also unrelated yet brought up based on your writing: I do a weight class at my gym a couple times a week and since we do tricep pushups, i consistently do them on my knees. (what she said) It makes me feel wimpy. I need to stop.

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