You might have heard about the little sprinkle we got in Indiana last night…

My pond runneth over.

And last night, we lost half of our big Bradford Pear in the front yard (the better half, if you ask me).

This month we’ve gotten more rainfall than the entire state of New Mexico gets in a year.

Just for reference, here’s the backyard when it’s not flooded. That pond is supposed to be a good eight feet from the retaining wall:

So, I think this might be the apocalypse. LET’S PARTY. I’ll spread the word; you bring the booze.

On a brighter note, I got a present in the mail today!

Actually it wasn’t so much a present as a dude making good on a lousy bet he made with me that the Flyers would win the Stanley Cup…

Please take a moment today to visit Daily Beer Review and tell him not to make any more bets with his blog friends.

Tomorrow, we’ll be going shopping for a $10 beer and savoring every last drop, while wearing a Kane Jersey and singing, “the mighty Blaaaackhawks…”

Okay, enough gloating. Karma’s going to come back and punch me in the throat some day.

I did the Shred and ran 2 miles tonight. I had to wait until after 7 p.m. to venture outside, and even then it was sweltering and humid and not fun at all.

Time for a beer! Meet Ranger IPA.

Ah, Ranger. I can always count on your to be light and refreshing, yet hoppy and delicious, even on a hot summer day when it is 80° outside with 70% humidity.

At 6.5% ABV/70 IBU, this brew from New Belgium is the ideal beer to drink on a Tuesday evening — it’s got all of the flavor and none of the oh my god what happened last night.

I have absolutely nothing else of substance to tell you.

Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “apocalypse!

  1. Marie.

    I hope you buy something real nice with all that cash. I do like that Tuesday night beer you’re having too, but New Belgium doesn’t deliver their stuff here. So I’ve had only one bottle. I think 2012 is the NB date for Florida.



  2. This rain is really starting to be a buzz kill.

    I’ve been resorting to the gym for my workouts this week- so I admire you for getting two miles out of it. Because the air is so thick here, I feel I may almost choke on it if I try running in it. Gross…

  3. My wife and kid are currently a few hundred miles to your northwest – they’ve gotten even more of these storms lately than you have. They got about 4 inches of rain early yesterday morning alone. Yee-haw!

    Meanwhile, I’m sitting not too far south of you with nary a storm to be seen. Oh, it’s wet, but that’s just the freaking humidity.

    BTW, I’m jealous. I used to have a fish pond in my backyard…of course I lived in a trailer at the time, too. Your backyard looks teh awesumz.

    • I know! My parents in Albuquerque said the same thing.

      And, get this. NM has a Drought Task Force. Their website reports a “significant precipitation event” that occurred in April resulting in rainfall between 0.3” and 0.78”. It’s funny because it’s sad because it’s true…

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