sweet taste of victory

Yeah, so, I’m gloating again, but there’s a good reason: I’m enjoying my Blackhawks victory beer.

Meet Long Strange Tripel, a la Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City.

(Yes, that is my yoga mat in the background.)

Not too long ago, I said Kansas is worthless unless you do meth, and I think that still holds true because Boulevard is on the Missouri side and not the Kansas side. So. Still worthless. We good?


LST is from Boulevard’s Smokestack series; you might recall me sampling Double Wide a few months ago.

I wasn’t really too hip to the idea of a Belgian Abbey style tripel, but I wanted to get the most ABV for my 10 bucks, so I took a chance…and you know what? I am really enjoying this beer!

It might be the fact that I’ve drank half of it already and all 9.1% of it is making it taste better with each sip.

But really, the only thing I despise in a beer is a taste that’s overly raisiny or pruney or figgy (the exception to that is Raison d’Extra).

And this beer is not that. It is light and creamy and delicious. Spicy and a little bit lemony. Some people might say it drops the ball as far as tripels go; but I’m a fan.

And I think whenever you have Americans trying to do Belgian, you’re going to get hoppiness. That’s just how we roll. So there’s some of that on the back end too. All in all, it’s a $10 beer I’m glad I bought.

Moving on…I did the SHRED again tonight and ran 1.57 miles in 15 minutes. Not too shabby. Also, I saw a number on the scale that I haven’t seen in at least three years.

Okay, a lot of that was most likely sweat loss, but still.

It’s nice to see a little payoff. Especially when I am currently terrified to run more than two miles.

But the Shred’s working. I’m also eating right and cutting back (somewhat) on the beer intake, and for some reason my allergy medicine seems to be causing the awesome side effect of suppressing my appetite. GO, ZYRTEC!

Just kidding…a little. Really, I think I’ve lost four pounds due to stress.

I have never been busier…but I’ve never been happier at work. It’s actually pretty awesome. This is what I was visualizing me doing six months ago while I was sitting in a cubicle feeling retarded and irrelevant.



10 thoughts on “sweet taste of victory

  1. OK. Yes, I am the loser Rob of the bet you heard about. But what a cool picture right? If you want to know how to make this type of winning bet, just contact me.

    Glad you got something nice to drink, Marie. I don’t think DFH brews Raison D’Extra anymore, for like 3 years. BTW, that’s Raison, not Raisin. Anyway, keep running b/c I guarantee this beer you chose has a couple of calories!


    • wow, that is literally not near anything. we have people in the KC/Overland Park area though so if we ever miss our exit by 3 hours I’ll know where to go! 🙂

  2. Boooo go Flyers! Anyway, I always weigh myself on Saturday mornings after a work out haha. I figure since it’s the same day every week the sweat loss is always the same?

  3. Awesome stuff. Particularly that your job is working out for you – I know firsthand how a soul-sucking job affects your whole attitude toward life. It’s almost gotten me divorced twice, and those are the times that I knew about.

    Gotta go; I gotta find some syrupy music or something…

  4. Aw, it’s so nice to see someone actually so delighted with her job. You are truly blessed! 🙂

    Pruney beer? Ew. The way you described this beer though, made me drool a bit, even though I am not an alcohol-drinker.

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