the salty taste of failure

Today’s stats: 80°F, 80% humidity, 3.27 miles, 33 minutes, 259 calories, 5 gallons of sweat.

If I were a wiser woman, I would have gone running at 4:30 this morning, when it was only 70° out. But I am not, and so I rolled slovenly out of bed at 9 a.m.



I think I’m the only person in the blogging universe willing to post such awful pictures of me on the internet.

Some people do post photos of themselves looking all stunning and flawless and go, “oh, oh I look awful! Please excuse this photo of me with no makeup on!” The difference is that my photos actually are awful.

All for the sake of humor, my friends.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the actual run.

I’m still hesitant to go for a long run, so I’ve been taking this route through my neighborhood that allows me any number of short cuts home, in case I have some kind of heel or bunion trauma. When I first started running again, I did it one time, running and walking. Now I can run the whole thing twice.

At some point I’ll have to venture out of my comfort zone and start adding mileage, but for now this feels safe.

I started feeling a little barfy toward the end, and I was positively gushing sweat. I kicked into overdrive the last 20 yards or so – for no other reason than to just be done with it – and collapsed on the lawn.

I ran without socks again and it felt great. I felt cooler without that extra layer of soaking wet cotton between me and my shoes. I wouldn’t recommend wearing leather or suede without socks, but running shoes breathe. It’s true.

This is the farthest I have run sockless, and I don’t even feel a twinge of blister coming on.

Honestly, I was infinitely more uncomfortable walking around downtown Friday night in four-inch heels. Stupid.

I thought I’d sworn off heels for good, but…my skinny jeans fit me again and they just look radder when I’m 5’8″. Vanity rears it’s ugly head (heh).

I haven’t worn the skinny jeans in about a year and a half, folks. Actually, I last wore them the night I sprained my ankle. It was all downhill from there. I do love to run, but a nice side-effect is the skinny jeans. I should probably also credit Jillian’s psycho regimen of pushups, squats and lunges.

Oh, and meth.


21 thoughts on “the salty taste of failure

  1. I think Iā€™m the only person in the blogging universe willing to post such awful pictures of me on the internet.

    Is that a challenge?

    Also, I almost never run with socks. Maybe if I’m breaking in a pair of shoes, but that’s about it. (And to that end, the only blisters I’ve gotten have been results of my own stupidity.) Band Aid also makes like…body glide for your feet which can help prevent blisters in lieu of socks. (Its called friction block, methinks. huh huh…I said friction.)

    • yes – we need to yank you out from under your shroud of anonymity because let’s face it, you’ll never be president.

      finally – someone who doesn’t think I’m disgusting for not wearing socks. if I was a lesbian I’d gay marry you.

  2. I only post glamor shots. It keeps the traffic to my non-self-hosted, profanity-laced running blog sky-high. Liking the little cutesy plaid shorts, though. A lot.

  3. HAHA Loved this post! I’m SO with you on the salty release of sweat because of the heat! Although I wouldn’t consider it a failure! You went and ran in the heat! Good on you! šŸ™‚

    I found your blog through the ‘net, so hope you don’t mind me commenting!

    • of course not, blog comments are like little virtual head-pats– they make us feel all warm and special. I actually came across your blog not too long ago and I’m a fan. glad to have connected!

  4. I am not brave enough to try no socks…for fear of blisters. I is a “if-it-isn’t-broke-don’t fix-it” thing.

    But, I did 4 of a scheduled 7 miles this afternoon. 94 degrees…85% humidity. I came back to the house and did the other three on the treadmill…which also let me know that my treadmill is “slow.” I ran to same pace on the road and treadmill. The Garmin says it was 8:30, but the treadmill says 9:45. My perception could be the difference for 15-20 seconds…but not a minute. It does explain a lot of the treadmill trouble I have been having.

    To top off the day…I went out and cut the grass.

    But I only post “post-race” and “Jewy” photos.

  5. You sweat so much your white shirt turned green? I’m not a doctor, not a medical one anyway, but that seems concerning.

    I celebrated my hot n’ humid run survival by going to Lululemon and trying on a pair of shorts that look a lot like the cutesy ones in your photo.

    • oooh yeah, double layer just sounds like a bad idea. I have a friend who actually ran in TWO pairs of socks for almost a year because her shoes were too big and she refused to buy new ones. Her feet were wrecked.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I solve your dilemma by not posting pics of myself at all. Win-win!

    I don’t think I’d have the guts to run without socks. But I never thought I’d run, period, so who the hell knows?

    I will be doing all my running at the crack of dawn for the length of the summer, until I have to start driving my son to school again. But I still sweat like a hog eating habaneros. Bonus to shaving head: easier to feel the breeze, more aerodynamic. Detriment: Any amount of sweat immediately starts to trickle in all directions with nothing to slow it down. Even at 6am I’m mopping my head with my shirt before the end of the first mile. By the end of the second mile, I’m starting to look for dry spots of my shirt to mop with; by the end of the third, I’m contemplating wringing it out so it will absorb again instead of just moving the sweat around up there.

    • sounds like you need a visor and some technical shirts! (although my husband says visors on dudes are gay.)

      I really admire you for running at buttcrack of dawn. No matter how much nicer I know the weather would be…I just can’t bring myself to get out of bed. I’ve been running in the evenings around 7, but it’s still excruciating.

      • Sadly, I’m more of a morning person anyway. It’s easier for me to motivate myself in the morning than in the evening when I’ve already been doing all sorts of other PITA things all day long. Plus, when nobody else is awake, I’m not missing any family time.

        The temperatures are DEFINITELY nicer. I don’t know about you, but for the past week our heat advisories started at noon or 2pm and continued until 9pm. 7pm was still ridonkulously hot.

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