milestones (but not the good kind)

So, thanks. That awful photo of me yielded a 300% increase in page views. Now I know what you like– you sickos.

Last night I whipped up some stir fry with the hubby – veggies, tempeh, lots of sriracha, soy sauce and just a dash of pineapple juice – and then settled in for the new episode of my favorite train wreck, Intervention.


Good stuff.

Yesterday was my rest day — on Sunday I did that godawful 3-mile run in the blazing heat, then later on I got restless and did an episode of the Shred. So yesterday was much deserved and much enjoyed.

Today: FOUR MILES in 40 minutes!

It was hard for all the wrong reasons. Feet? Good. Legs? Good. Bunions? SUPER. Breathing? Deeply. Socks? No sir!

But I was dehydrated like all hell.

Have I complained to you people about how my office is like a meat locker? Well, it is.

This afternoon I was freezing my cojones off so I bought a hot coffee to melt the frost, and, in typical me fashion, I didn’t drink any water. So in addition to being all wiry and bajiggity, I was very, very dry.

By the end of the first mile, my mouth felt all sticky and disgusting. GAH.

Bright side is that the weather cooperated today; it was actually breezy and only 76°. So that’s okay I guess.

I still haven’t found it in me to get up and run in the morning. I get to work between 7 and 7:45, even though technically no one would start looking me for until after 8. But I get more accomplished in that first, quiet hour when no one is around than I do for the rest of the morning (or sometimes I just read comics until 8:00; heh).

I was itching to do something different today — I mentioned last week how I’ve been hesitant to venture out of my little comfort zone, and I don’t have the endurance I did just two short months ago, but I know I won’t ever have it if I don’t start pushing.

As Jillian is fond of saying, when you feel uncomfortable, that’s when change is happening (although as I’ve learned, it could also be when injury is happening).

At any rate, I strayed a little from my beaten path and purposely ran two miles out so that I’d be forced to turn around and come back (who else here has to trick themselves into running farther?)

And now friends, there is a TJs tomato/mozzarella pizza calling my name.


8 thoughts on “milestones (but not the good kind)

  1. I don’t know that my trick to running faster is very exciting…I set goals. Like “I will run REALLY fast from here to that telephone pole” and then I’ll do it. Little goals like that make it interesting for me.

    Another trick to run faster: try to beat the impending RAIN or THUNDERSTORM!!!

  2. I did that same thing to myself the other day. It was 4 PM and I realized I had consumed nothing but iced coffee and diet soda all day. It was not a pleasant run that evening.

    Seriously? Drinking water should be the easiest thing in the world, but I struggle with it sometimes. Esp when I am presented with more interesting beverages.

  3. Crap, I watched that premiere of Intervention, too.

    I explained to my wife, who’d never watched an episode, that “It’s not uncommon that they have a brief spell of falling off the wagon.” But I wasn’t surprised that the one lady went back to the bottle.

    When the interventionist shut her mom down, my wife said “That dude is my f’ing hero.”

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