hello amber my old friend

Another glorious day in Midwest Land… I cannot believe we’re in the 70s right now and only 54% humidity (bone dry by our standards).

Oh, and this:


That’s it.

I was having one of those blah days and didn’t really feel like doing jack when I got home, but I mustered up the will to do an episode of the Shred — that’s what’s so great about the DVD: any miserable slob can exercise for 20 minutes.

After that, I wasted no time hopping into the tub with a brewskay.

Fat Tire Amber Ale, Shiner and Heineken were my go-to beers in college. It’s what yuppies drink who think they’re into craft beer.

Not that’s it bad — I really do like Fat Tire. But I love it in the way that you still love a band when you knew them before they were big. Some of my people are from Fort Collins, so they always had some around. Naturally I grew up trying to sneak Fat Tires from them before I was 21. (It’s true, sorry mom!)

This weekend the hubs and I are flying to Albuquerque for a too-short long weekend. Plan is to do some hiking, some lounging…some flamenco. Okay, I personally won’t be flamenco-ing; my mom’s friend is part of this group that performs at a little tapas bar in Santa Fe once a month. It’s a really cool thing to watch…and the sangria’s not too bad either!

…and running! Last time I was in Albuquerque, I was injured and couldn’t take advantage of the glorious foothills and crisp, dry air of my homeland. This time around, I am definitely going for a run.

Tomorrow’s Thursday — run? Meh. Probs. But not four miles again. My quads have been a little tender lately; not sure why. Could be the squats and lunges, could be the extra mileage. Two miles sounds absolutely splendid.

And you know what else sounds splendid? Another Fat Tire.

Blog post title obviously inspired by S&G, Sound of Silence.


13 thoughts on “hello amber my old friend

  1. The running joke here in S. FL which I am happy to keep going is that Total Wine’s Ed Roberts gets asked almost daily if he sells Fat Tire. Now being a genius, Marie, I know that you know that we don’t get that beer here yet.

    New Belgium is more concerned with delivering a great product… (I have a quote from their PR person if you’d like to read it) Anyway, FL does not get it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t send Ed leads all the time and promote that it’s available at his store. Some day.

    On the band analogy, I hear you. The Spin Doctors played a frat party at my college when I was there. LOL. They are probably gonna be back to frats soon again. Do they even still exist?

  2. I live in FL… North FL. I drive to GA to get it. πŸ™‚ I’m sorry, but some beers are worth 3 hours in the car and a visit to a skeevy Georgia liquor store. πŸ™‚

  3. Man, I cannot wait to live somewhere with a tub so I can try this. It blows the shower-beer concept out of the water. πŸ™‚

    I really enjoy Fat Tire. I think it seems more exotic and special than it is, out here, because it’s pretty hard to find on the East Coast. Most people have never heard of it. And I have certainly never seen it in a can!!

  4. I wussed out on my run this morning. Too damned tired. I was falling asleep on the couch last night at 9:15; 5:30 was just too doggone early this morning.

    And this was probably the coolest morning yet, to boot. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. And I’m thinking to hit up another 5-miler on Saturday morning…

  5. I think I will be enjoying some beers in the bathtub over this vacation, and in the hot tub, basically at all times. Pretty much every picture I post when I get back will be with me and an alcoholic beverage.

  6. Ha! You have summed up my feelings towards Flat Tire. As in, I am the yuppie who says I like Flat Tire and considers it a craft beer. I like it on its own, too, and like Shelby said, it’s hard to find on the East Coast.

    I would have to drink many beers before I even got into my bathtub. Hearing my roommate hock and spit in the shower every morning did me in a long time ago.

  7. Your bath time reminds me of the episode of Scrubs where his brother comes to stay with him… you should make the toiled into a beer cooler. Just sayin’…

    Enjoy the weekend trip! I’m being boring by bumming it out around my place… whatevs- I’ll be hopefully getting in sun and runs…

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