sister mary sweat hog

I ran 3.1 miles today and felt unbelievab….ly bad.

I did remember to hydrate this time, but, ahhhhh. I forgot to eat lunch. Do you think…maybe…could that…possibly have anything to do with it?

It was high 70s and an unfounded 32% humidity this evening, but still perfect weather for sweating bullets.

I finished in 32 minutes. Personally – and this is me being slower than everyone I know – I need to shave at least another four minutes off my 5k before I feel anywhere near respectable about my pace.

I drank one of those O.N.E. acai berry juices (bloody awful by the way, which is probably why is was on closeout) and ate a handful of pecans before I headed out; it possible wasn’t enough. Or too much. Does it matter, really?

But nothing hurts, so I can thank my lucky stars for that.

And for this.

Guess that makes me Sister Mary.

Is it possible I haven’t tried this beer yet??? I want to say I have, but I just might’ve skipped over it all this time only because it looked so familiar to me.

The Reverend Quad Belgian, one of the Holy Trinity series from Avery. You might remember I tasted Hog Heaven a while back, which is the barley wine side of the trinity. According to my drinking notes, it wasn’t all that memorable.

At 10% ABV and 10 IBUs, this is not a brew to be fooled with. As the guy at the liquor store said when I purchased it, “good choice, serious beer.”

Sidenote: I like when people acknowledge that I drink good beer. I’m sure they’re used to chicks who drink Riesling and spiced rum and Summer Shanty, but it sort of gets old when a dude goes on and on about how he’s so surprised that a tiny little woman could be buying such a serious beer. (Okay, I added in that “tiny little” part, but you get my point.)

Is it so hard to believe that chicks like good beer too? If you think that it is, I encourage you to visit the Beer Wench, Girls Pint Out, Will Run for Beer and eat, drink, run and then report back to me. Keep in mind I would put my money on any of these gals over you in a drunk boxing match, yoga throwdown or 100 meter dash.

It’s nothing personal.

Just gotta get through one more hectic day of work before happy time. My damn dear husband is off tomorrow, which makes me wanna phone it in even worse. He’ll probably taunt me by calling me while he’s watching daytime TV on the couch in his boxer shorts. But I respect that. I’d do the same to him.


13 thoughts on “sister mary sweat hog

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! πŸ™‚ I really want to learn more about good beer. The whole foods by-the-bottle section still overwhelms me. πŸ™‚

    I do enjoy stronger beers too, though. And I think the thing that people overlook is that when you’re drinking something that’s 8%+ ABV, you’re not, like, chugging it. It’s not a damn Bud Light. Wine is often 14% ABV and you kinda savor it. Same thing with a good beer.

    As for the running, your speed will come back with time! After a hiatus I think you’ve just gotta focus on getting out there and getting a few miles in. The pace will fix itself shortly. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been running my 3.5’s in the morning before breakfast. Weight-loss-wise, that’s pretty good. I’m not 100% sure if that’s a good idea or a bad idea, training-wise. If I actually eat something before a race now, will I suddenly be carbed-up and ready to go? Or will I barf by not being used to food in my stomach? I’m laying 3:2 odds in favor of the former, but I’m not putting MY money on it.

    Spiced rum! Thanks, you reminded me that I need to buy some Cap. I’ve got bourbon but I’m almost out of rum.

  3. This inspires me to branch out. I am far from a beer snob (or connoisseur. Or knowledgeable woman), but I like good beer, and dislike paying money for crappy beer. And will not talk about my Jack and gingers.

  4. I am not a spiced rum or a sweet wine girl anymore. I used to love Reisling, but it is way too sweet for me now. I have never tried this kind of beer, but will have to look for it. Thanks for the intro!

    • heh, me too! I drank reisling exclusively until I visited cousins in Napa Valley and they taught me about red wine. πŸ˜‰ Never looked back.

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