time to die

So I bet you guys are pretty sick by now of writing and/or reading blog posts about how vile the weather has been in the midwest/south/eastern seaboard this week.

Well too bad because here’s another one.

It’s almost 9:30 p.m. and still 86° outside. Humidity a balmy 50% (which is actually relatively mild). Indiana, you suck!

This is the type of weather that kills several thousand of the old and infirm each summer; and 20 bucks says someone will inevitably leave their child and/or dog locked in a hot car with the windows cracked and said child and/or dog will be roasted alive.

Such a demise might be preferable to my run tonight. And I didn’t even go running until 8 p.m.

How is it I can run 3.5 miles EASILY at 6100 feet in cool, dry weather but I try to do three miles at 800 and fail miserably? It’s official: humidity trumps altitude every time.

People, I am so fed up with the evening runs, I am *this* close to getting up early and running before work. I’m just not convinced it would be any better.

On the up side, I am back to basics.


A few of you might remember the year before my wedding I lost 20 pounds on the bread, cheese and red wine diet. I swear by it. All you do is consume nothing but bread, cheese and wine and like magic, the pounds just melt away.

Jillian Shmillian! It’s all about the cheese, baby!


Speaking of the Shredmistress herself, I did a couple circuits of Trouble Zones tonight while I was waiting for the temps to drop below 90 so I could go running.

I know, I am such a hooker for Jillian Michaels. But that three-fer DVD set was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

TZ is like the Shred x 10. In it’s entirety, it’s a 40-minute workout, but you can also select specific chapters based on target areas– there’s chest/abs, thighs/triceps, upper/core, lower/core, butt…you get the idea.

I only did chest/abs and upper/core before my run because I didn’t want to tire my legs out (not that it ended up mattering), but it was pretty much awesome. There are some old favorites from the Shred like pushups, bicycle crunches and plank rows but also some new funsies like chest press/crunches and chest fly/leg lifts.

I will definitely be doing more of it tomorrow; probably instead of running.

If only fat and lazy were this becoming on me.

(However absurd the reference may be given the current atmospheric conditions, this blog post title was inspired by Bladerunner.)


9 thoughts on “time to die

  1. I’m a northern girl, genetically unable to acclimatize to the heat. Multiple days over 100 and I may become one of those urban legends: womans burns to death on her sofa with no external sources of ignition. Conclusion: spontaneous human combustion. It is real.

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