Emily’s toes

So I was afflicted with the worst toe cramps of my life tonight. Yay, another milestone.

There was a slight respite from the heat after work today during a freak storm, and the temperature actually dipped below 80 (but with 85% humidity of course). So I donned my still-moist-from-last-night running garb and headed out; 4 miles in 38 minutes (don’t ask me how).

I actually weighed myself before and after the run. I lost exactly 1.5 pounds of sweat, people. ONE POINT FIVE.

Anyhoo, when I got back I was so disgusting and nauseous I just had to hop into a cold bath with a frosty beer (don’t judge).

I hadn’t been in the water for more than a minute when my right foot began to contort in a way that no foot should. Ever.

My second and third toes literally bent under my fourth and fifth toes, which were pointing skyward at a 45° angle from my foot. It was like Emily Rose of the foot.


After that my left foot wanted a piece. I could actually feel and see indentations where the cramp was happening. And it wouldn’t go away– it lasted at least five minutes. Just when you think nipple chaff and bunions are probably the worst it’s ever gonna get, toe cramps rear their ugly head.

I know some people say it’s easy for them to drink gallons and gallons of water all day long, but I get busy and I just forget. I’m running around at work and before I know it, it’s been five hours and I’m parched. So I chug a glass of water, and the cycle starts again.

But I was reading about toe cramps, and it turns out they’re caused by a lot more than just dehydration, including calcium deficiency, bad shoes, muscle fatigue, stress, alcohol, flat feet and plantar fasciitis.

Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.

No wait. I ate a whole block of pepper jack with that asiago focaccia last night, so I’m ruling out a lack of calcium.

Tomorrow: REST DAY!


It might be a while before we meet again…

4 thoughts on “Emily’s toes

  1. Ouch! That sounds horribly painful! Is there anything the Doc can do for the cramps? And you are going to see Tom Petty?! I’m jealous…or am I free falling?!

  2. I wasn’t planning on a rest day today, but it was raining this morning and more heavy rain was moving in, so I skipped out.

    Tom Petty and DBT should be a great show – hope you have a blast!

    • yeah, I will run if its just drizzling or sprinkling, but I got caught in a downpour once and it was LAME. I kept telling myself the rubber in my shoes grounded me and I would most likely not get struck by lightening.

      I’m actually looking more forward to DBT than TB – although his new albums not bad at all. Bluesier. Good stuff.

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