this is as good as it gets (and I don’t mean that in a good way)

Ran five miles today and didn’t barf/die.


It actually got down to 72°F. 84% humidity.

Of course by the time I got home from work it was up to 80°F/60% again, and when I got back from running it was 82°.

Can’t you just be cool, weather?? BE COOL.

But today was the only semi-decent day we’re going to get — the rest of the week is going to be much, much worse.

All those times during the winter that I was griping and complaining about how cold it was and how pale and pasty I was, I should have remembered what summer is like.

Anyhoo I did run. I finished in imnottellingyou minutes and almost took a dog home with me.


So I’m running along (at my leisurely 11:00 pace) when this gorgeous Australian Shepherd with one blue eye comes tearing down the block and heads right for me. Despite the cute little doggy face with the tongue lolling and the happy doggy grin, I do think for for a split second this dog is going to try to eat me and I make a feeble attempt to cover my neck area.

His paws land on my chest and he licks me. Fiercely.

He jogs along with me for about half a block while I’m trying to decide whether I just take him home with me or go door-to-door. I ask him where Mommy is and he won’t tell me.

Yes, yes. Dogs melt my chest cavity every time. I hate people, but I’m a big ol’ softy when it comes to dogs. I couldn’t just leave him. If you found a baby, would you just leave it? (Well, I would but we’re talking about dogs, remember?)

Thankfully Dad comes out of a garage and starts hollering, “Sundance! Get back here! Come get a biscuit!”

“Oh good!” I call back to the guy, “I thought I was going to have to start ringing doorbells!”

Dude just stares at me. Like mean, kind of.


I like you, doggy friend, but your dad? Not so much. I start to feel weird about letting the dog go with the sort-of mean man, but the dog seemed willing enough to accompany him. And I hear him calling his other dog Butch and I decide he must be okay. Butch and Sundance.

It’s when your neighbor’s dogs have names like Weasel and Turd that you start to worry about them.

Ever been attacked by a dog while running?

Moving on…I stopped by TJs today and picked up a loaf of ciabatta and the stinkiest most disgusting looking cheese I could find. The blue one is a Spanish valdeon, aged six months in my running socks, from the smell of it. BUT SO GOOD. The other one is an English Gloucester with chives. I’m thinking about becoming a cheese blogger. Will you still read??

I also found this awesome website,, where you can look up the funky cheeses you find and read more about them.

Have you ever accidentally opened the wrong side of your rosemary and dumped the whole jar on your bread?

Yeah, me neither.

Naturally I had to have a glass of wine. Ooooh, and some crackers.

A peach rounded out the meal.

And now friends, it is time for our Tuesday night trainwreck. And to find out what Heidi’s been up to…


Bye now.

16 thoughts on “this is as good as it gets (and I don’t mean that in a good way)

  1. I need to get over my fear of running that I have since the whole Nashville, TN. But the heat is a great excuse;) And now I am wanting a loaf of artisan bread. Thanks a lot!!

  2. I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t have a Heidi update. I mean… way to talk about a let down! blah…

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the forecast. I stopped looking. They’ve been wrong the last two or three weeks about the rain/temps around here. So I just say screw it.

  3. I have no idea what show you are talking about. I was more interested in the little pictures from the weather forecast. Seriously, we never have any here except one with a lightning bolt. Weather anchors here must spend the better part of their time praying for a hurricane to interest things up.

    Here’s another little tip. If the dog running toward you is a pit bull, get ready to die! You might not, but you should be prepared.

    Talk to you later.

    • No, I love pit pulls — seriously. They have a bad rap but they’re also known for being very cuddly and affectionate.

      But I would say if any dog is running at you – regardless of the breed – you should be prepared.

      Sorry for the lecture. I still love you though.

  4. I ran in a 5k organized by the local running club in the park where I usually run. I looked at the temperature about 3pm, said “Oh, it’s only 81, sure, it’ll be great!” By the time I got home, it was 87 and the heat index was 92. Park was still full of hanging dampness from the rain in the morning. It wasn’t pretty.

  5. Please become a cheese blogger! Pretty please? If there is something that I love *almost* as much as wine and beer, it’s cheese!

    Great job getting out there in the gunky weather! It’s like hot and sour soup here in NYC right now and I’m probably gonna wuss out and hit the treadmill.

  6. Dogs are magnetically attracted to runners. Runners are magnetically attracted to cheese. Or maybe that’s just a personal problem of mine…

    I was “attacked” by a pair of pit bulls once — ultimately, they only wanted to play. It just didn’t look that way at first, when they were sprinting at me full tilt.

    The only dog I’ve ever been bitten by on a run was once of those horrible little brown mops; yappy, approximately the size of a football, and begging to be punted like one.

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