feeling kind of wednesdayish


So the hubs called to make sure I wasn’t running outside tonight. Apparently there’s a suck heat advisory today, and tomorrow is supposed to be even worse.

This is the kind of weather you can rub in the face of all those global-warming-doesn’t-exist jerks. Too bad it won’t stick. Undoubtedly, the first snow of the year, they’ll be all like, “oooh oh, I thought it was supposed to be warmer!” SHUT UP.

Drive in to work at 7:00 this morning:

Misty morning = muggy afternoon. Gross.

A green slime before Jillian made me her biaaatch:

Finally, reward. Stanky cheese, ciabatta, and some more of last night’s Casa Lapostolle Cab.

It’s got mucho recommendability. Drink it.

I did the WHOLE 40 minute Trouble Zone DVD tonight, and I just know my arms are gonna quit me tomorrow. It was brutal, but you know what?? There is tone where there’s never been tone before. The other day I glanced in a mirror and thought there was a bruise on my arm. On closer inspection, turned out to be DEFINITION. Yep. Can you believe there is stuff going on underneath my arm fat? It’s true. I’m also losing the carrot legs.

I sweat and moan and curse Jillian, but I love her. Truly.

I did giggle at the end when she said not to blow it by eating crappy food.

I mean come on.


5 thoughts on “feeling kind of wednesdayish

  1. Hey yo. I have a picture of frost on my car in Miami from just a few months ago. Forget Polar Bears with no ice to kill seals from.

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