the plan: pretending like I’ll stick to the plan

Disclaimer: If you came here looking for enlightenment or inspiration, you’re at the wrong blog.

Marathon training starts TOMORROW.

Well, officially it starts today, but today’s my rest day, and really, what better way to start a training program than by taking a day off?

Monday: sit on the couch and scratch myself
Tuesday: 3 @ 12:02
Wednesday: X-train
Thursday: 5 mi = Warmup 1; 3 mi @ 10:24; Cooldown 1
Friday: X-train
Saturday: 8 @ 12:02
Sunday: X-Train

This is the training plan I snagged from (that I will ultimately abandon, most likely 6 weeks or so into the program). I switched some days around.

I’m a little offended Runner’s World thinks I’m only capable of running a 12-minute mile, but truth be told, I’ll probably actually need to run that slow for the 8 miler on Saturday.

That sounds so pathetic.

Happy thoughts…

Good news is, it looks like we might get a (sort of) break from the heat this week.

I guess when it comes down to either 90°F or 85°/thunderstorms, I’ll take thunderstorms.

Hope you people are all having just the best day ever. I really do.


13 thoughts on “the plan: pretending like I’ll stick to the plan

    • The little program generator on is ok but I don think it allows for improving according to how hard you train. Like for example you can say ‘I want to train “moderately” hard and run 15-20 miles a week or run “very hard” and do 25-30 miles a week’ and your finish time is still the same — its just based on the pace of your last race. But in the very least it’s just fun to play around with.

  1. Ah. I love this.

    Lately I’ve been doing nothing but complain about how listless I feel without a long term training plan. I enjoyed the process of marathon training and am eager to get back to it. Even though I couldn’t quite bring myself to always… you know… follow the plan.

    What of XT are you planning on?

    • hahaha. I hate it when I do that.

      Ideally, a day of yoga, a day of swimming, a day of Jillian. But I’m waiting on a new YMCA to open to join a gym, so, no swimming. And I’m afraid to commit to a yoga studio, so that means no yoga. So in reality “XT” will consist of doing pushups and plank rows in front of the tv and cursing Jillian 3x a week.

      And, its amazing what forking over $60 can do for motivation, eh?

  2. I love that the auto-generated “possibly related posts” are too ambitious? and Today is the Day! Looks like the computer is giving you 50-50 odds of making it to week 6.

  3. Yeah… I’m not one for plans. Once I screwed around with a few days a couple weeks ago, it’s like my whole plan fell apart. Now I’m just sort of winging it… eek.

    Good luck- I hope your first day tomorrow on the plan kicks ass!

  4. I like plans, but generally I am wary of plans generated by computers – how do I bitch to my laptop if I don’t want to run??? EH? It looks like a good starting plan, though. These things are tweakable, as long as you stick to the general theme. In my completely uneducated, non-marathoning experience.

    • yeah, a minor annoyance is that it spits out the same pace regardless of effort. But I’m not one for following the rules much anyway… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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