I RAN 3.74 IN 43 MINUTES. At an 11:30 pace, I’m pretty sure that is a Personal Worst for me. Many of you, I’m sure, could walk faster.

Before you fall off your chair, I assure you I was trying to keep it leisurely; I even dropped it down a notch whenever I felt my pace starting to creep. It was supposed to be an easy run and I guess I achieved that, but I still thought I was running closer to a 10:30. Shows how much I know. So that’s just a tad embarrassing…

Oh well — I got my run out of the way before sunrise and it was beautiful (high 60s!) and easy and pain-free. What more could I ask for?

At some point I will have to stop blaming my slow pace on “injury recovery” and own up to the fact that I’m just a slow runner.

Somewhat related: I read this article last week about a marathoner who gave up drinking and improved his time by 25 minutes.

Granted, dude was a raging alcoholic. Obviously your pace is gong to improve when you stop getting black-out drunk every night of the week.

But it does make me wonder how much a casual drinker could improve their performance just by laying off the sauce. Personally, I think my bunions have a greater impact on my pace than my drinking habits, but that could just be denial.


I’m not ready to start testing this theory just yet.


13 thoughts on “cruisin’

  1. I am not a big drinker but that glass of red wine is not going anywhere! I am going to believe that it is actuall vital to my knee healing process.

  2. This sounds weird, but a glass of wine/beer with dinner stops me from overeating. Otherwise I sometimes eat some gargantuan late-night snack and justify it by saying, “well, this is the equivalent of having a few beers with dinner, except it’s food, so I’m actually being nicer to my body.” Except I’m lying to myself. Better just stick to the beer/wine treat and feel satiated by it, in my case?

    I think you’re safe.

  3. I think it’s great that you’re easing back into it…don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get back to where you were too quickly. And that is REALLY interesting about the runner who quit drinking. I wanna get faster, but I dunno…not sure I could quit sipping the sauce! 😉

  4. You know what’s killing my drinking? My damn kid no longer going to bed at 9pm. I feel bad pouring myself a big bourbon on the rocks in his presence, but the little bugger won’t go the hell away and let Dad tie four or five on in peace…

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