breakin’ the law

Last week: 10.5 miles
This week (if all goes according to plan): 19.75

So, I’m totally breaking the 10% rule, but since my pace can hardly be considered running, I can cheat a little, right?

And…today wasn’t supposed to be a running day, but I got up early and ran anyway; 3.03 in slow-mo. Felt good, if a little warmer and muggier than yesterday.

For those of you who run at the crack of dawn, do you eat first? And if so, how the hell do you do that?

I can’t even find it in me to put a cracker in my face that early in the morning. I ate a couple of fuel gummies today; sufficient for a 3 mile hardly-run, but what about when I start doing 10+? Here’s to hoping it’ll be cooler by then and I can start running in the evenings again, like a normal person.

I still can’t beliiiieve how slow I run. I was trying to figure out if there was any point in the run that I maybe blacked out or had to wait 10 minutes for a train to pass, but no such luck.

This afternoon: floor exercises galore, a la Jillian.

And there’s a Founder’s Devil Dancer Triple IPA burning a hole in my fridge.

I am such a rebel.

Today’s blog post was made possible by a grant from the Judas Priest Foundation.


22 thoughts on “breakin’ the law

    • You had to ask, didn’t you? Okay — 11:30. There it is.
      I was running 9-10s before I was injured so I would like be back there. I did read in RW that Dr. Drew runs 12:00 miles. That made me feel good.

  1. I also love IPAs and hate early breakfasts! And I’m the same way with my pace, almost exactly. But I stopped thinking of myself as slow. You just have to. If your run feels hard, it shouldn’t matter how fast you are, in my opinion, you will improve with time. And the ten percent rule definitely has some wiggle room, I agree; just don’t forget to listen to your body. Can’t wait to read more of your posts. Happy running!

  2. I typically don’t eat before morning runs, even when they were like 5 and 6 miles. I just can’t stomach food that early. It’s been insanely hot, I want to run outside again, but even at 6:30 when I left for work it was 74 with 90% humidity today.

    • Only up-side is not having that feeling of dread because I know I have to run after work! …Sometimes I’ll eat a spoonful of peanut butter or nutella, I doubt it does much good. 😉

  3. I’m not sure about how it is where you train, but in the northeast, the relative humidity tends to be highest in the morning. So the higher humidity can give summer morning workouts a unique element of misery, even though the temperature might be a bit lower than it is in the afternoon.

    I don’t eat before AM runs either, and it occasionally kicks my butt. For a few of my long training runs, I’d eat “breakfast before bed” and then take a few z-bars along with me on the run to eat when I actually got hungry. Worked out well.

    • yeah, it’s a tossup. This morning it definitely felt more humid – I think the sun will cook away a lot of the moisture throughout the day, but if its 75 instead of 95, it’s a fair trade.

  4. I’m not sure I could go without eating before working out. Or maybe it would make me faster? I’d be that bitchy runner with a “get the hell out of my way” look because I am starving!

    Seriously… if I don’t have breakfast or a little something within a half hour of waking up, I’m pretty pissy. If I were you, I’d try maybe the Clif kids bars? They’re much smaller and still really good. Even that early in the morning… promise.

  5. Hey Yo.

    How much they charge you for that bottle of Devil’s Dancer? Is is a 12 or 22? My buddy is going to Atlanta in a few weeks. Retailer said $18 for a 4-pack. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve been screwed before, and I don’t particularly like the way this screwing is feeling (if you know what I mean!

    • I’m embarrassed to tell you — it’s a 12 and it was $6.59. In my defense I didn’t look until I’d already gotten to the counter with it. I’ve only ever spent that much on a beer one time — a 12 of Bashah, and I’d do it again. All I can say is this one better be worth it.

  6. I’ve been out of tow and fallin’ behind on your posts. I never eat before I run because I am afraid that I’ll have to use the bathroom.

    I am trying a 105 rule because I hurt myself every time I train and it happens when I run too much. For you, I’d think 15 miles would be decent this week. Only upping it one mile seems a bit too small of a step.

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