please sir can I have another

Yeah so I didn’t run this morning. I sacrificed my Thursday 5-miler for a Wedenesday three. Plus, I went home and did Jillian’s NMTZ yesterday and my hips and bum are killing me this morning. But in a good way.

My good buddy MTAE, who is always willing to have a laugh at my expense, suggested I aim for about 15 miles this week, and I think that’s realistic. Since I’m going to attempt 8 on Saturday (might be more like 6!), my feelings aren’t too hurt that I didn’t run this morning. And honestly, sleeping in that extra hour was glooooorious.

Following is a review of the second most expensive beer (per ounce) I have ever purchased. If you read the comments section on my last post, you’ll know how much it cost. (And no, the beer had nothing to do with me not running this morning. I swear.)

The #1 most expensive beer (per oz.) I’ve ever bought was the Brewdog/Stone collaboration, Bashah, and I’d do it again.

Founder’s Devil Dancer Triple IPA. 112 IBUs, 12% ABV. Maybe because of the 12s, I was thinking it was going to be similar to Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute. Let me assure you they are nothing, NOTHING alike.

While both of them are incredibly boozy, DFH 120 is sweet and gritty. DD is smooth and bitter. Dark coppery red. BIG piney nose. No head, no carbonation whatsoever. Citrusy backend. Syrupy. Ends with a zing.

For the ABV, it’s drinkable as hell. I love it.

Happy Thursday, you adorable nimrods. Have a good one –


10 thoughts on “please sir can I have another

  1. Interesting description. Did you always have a discerning palate for beer, or did it develop over time? I can usually tell good beer from bad beer, but in the end, you know, it tastes like beer to me.

    • When you get down to it, beer does taste like beer, but it’s definitely developed for me…plus there are just characteristics I’ve learned are common to certain styles of beer, like stouts often have vanilla/smoke/wood/chocolate and in beers like IPAs that have a lot of hops, you taste the piney/spicy/floral/citrusy. So you learn to expect certain flavors but sometimes the beer surprises you! They are just as, if not more complex than wine.

      I do like to crack on some of the real pretentious people on beeradvocate because they come up with ridiculous aromas and flavors, like eucalyptus and fresh cut grass– makes me think they are full of shit! LOL

  2. Yeah, I guess I’m gonna have to have my buddy grab that Devil Dancer while in Atlanta next month. $18 for a 4-pack is what a nearby (the the hotel) retailer told me. Not sure but he might be one of those “no single bottle” stores too, so I may have to do some negotiating. You know, good PR v. bad PR on the blog. LOL.

  3. That looks like an interesting beer, I’m still in the phase of life where I binge drink and after a few it looses taste so the $10 case of Natty Light does it for me, haha.

    • when I’m at the pool, I’ll definitely drink light beer, like 15 Caronas. There’s no way you can sit out in the sun all day drinking oatmeal stouts, lol.

  4. You’re right- surprise rest days are necessary.

    And let’s cross our fingers that we rock our weekend long runs…

    I’m dreading tomorrow morning. I mean, i want to run (and hope my shins don’t fail me), but I’ve seen the forecast and 10 – 11 on the treadmill kind of makes me want to poke my eye out with jagged glass.

    • good luck! Get up as early as you can! I think tomorrow is going to be hotter than Saturday, here anyway. You’ve got that nice lakefront breeze right??

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