Icknast. Ran 5.1 miles after work today and it was bloody disgusting. I just got a bug in me and had to run. I rationalized by telling myself I ran Wednesday morning, so Thursday afternoon is pretty much two whole days later…ish.

The plan (that you already know I didn’t stick to, hence the italics) was to do a mile warmup, 3 miles fastish, and a mile cool down.

I ended up finishing in 55 minutes. I had to walk. It felt wretched. But I took a cold shower and cracked open a cold beer (or as we say in Texas, “col’ beer”) and now I am okay.

Thank you for your concern.

There really is no sensible explanation for why I would run in 100 degree heat when I could simply wait two hours and run in 85 degree heat (yeah, because that’s a lot better).

After the fiver from hell, here’s what I did:

Harpoon Leviathan Imperial IPA (9.3% ABV/120 IBUs). Yeah, it’s got ME written all over it. Bottle says best by 10/15/09, for what it’s worth.

I tried it for the first time on tap at Patrick’s, and it is, obviously, better on draft, but I still liked it. It’s really smooth and light for the ABV.

Pathetically, it’s 10 p.m. and past my bedtime…hoping the next time you hear from me I’ll have an ecstatic account of how I totally murdered 8 miles at 6 a.m. Saturday morning.

Otherwise, I’ll see you in hell.

12 thoughts on “turdsday

  1. Wow, quite the charming young lady aren’t you? LOL. You’ll be fine for your marathon. Beer is actually gonna help you along, forget why marathons are for.. well.. you already forgot.

    That beer is pretty good and relatively cheap. I know you don’t worry about best by dates, just like I don’t, but I bet you are gonna get the distributor in trouble. Actually IPA’s do lose it in time, so I guess you should raise that “in hell” comment with the people that sold it to you.

    Love, Rob

  2. Solid run in that 100 (HUNDRED?!!) degrees, you psycho. Sheessh. But it’s true, sometimes you get the bug and just haaaave to get it done. NOW. Especially if you know you get a treat after.

  3. I couldn’t even fathom running outside right now. I contemplated it for about 2 minutes yesterday and then laughed at myself. Props to you. And now I want a beer at 1020 am.

  4. If I was promised a delicious IPA I MIGHT brave the heat for a run. But as of right now I’m waking up at the butt crack of dawn so I can run in 85 degree weather with no sun.

    • I canceled my gym membership several months ago because I wasn’t going — now I’m thinking, what the hell was I thinking?? I’d kill for a treadmill right about now. And I’d have a beer in the cup holder.

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