moment in the sun

Morning all –

Today’s my rest day, woo hoo. It just makes sense not to work out on Mondays, am I right? Sometimes I’ll do a yoga session or 20 minute Shred, but its nice knowing I don’t have to. Although…after what I ate/drank yesterday, I probably should do something.

We went to Scotty’s Brewhouse and ate our weight in nachos and dill chips. I had some fantastic BBQ quesadillas that were actually spicy. It was a nice treat since I’ve been starving myself back into my bikini body lately (kidding…sort of).

They have the world’s longest menu — it’s like 20 pages, and that doesn’t even include beer and cocktails.

The beer menu appears impressive at first glance, unless you’re me and you bypass all the pilsners, whites, hefeweizens, bocks, kolsches, lagers, wheats and ambers and head straight for the IPAs.

Scotty’s is seriously lacking in the IPA department. They have 28 beers on draft and only four of them are pale ales or IPAs: Bass Pale, Bell’s Two Hearted, New Belgium Ranger and Magic Hat #9.

Their bottled IPA/pales were DFH 60 Minute, Three Floyds Pride and Joy, Founder’s Centennial, Sierra Nevada and Upland Dragonfly.

Am I being picky? There just wasn’t anything I hadn’t tasted before that I really wanted to try. Is it too much to ask they offer a DIPA or imperial, or a stout that’s not Guinness?

I went for my old standby, Two Hearted. Never lets me down. The Mister had an Upland Wheat.

The service was great after one initial hiccup – we sat there for about 10 minutes before any server thought to ask if someone had helped us. Keep in mind it’s like 3:30 in the afternoon and the entire waitstaff is loitering around the hostess stand because the place is devoid of customers.

After that, they made up for it by getting our food and beer out quickly so our server got most of his 20% tip.

I’m not an a-hole. I’ve waited tables. I just don’t have any sympathy for servers standing around in the doldrums after the lunch rush acting like they didn’t know you were sitting there. (As a server, you learn to master the fine art of not making eye contact with the patrons.)

You want a quick 9 bucks? All you have to do is bring me a beer, dude.

Anyway – like I said, food is great, beer is pretty good, and the service wasn’t terrible.

Anyone catch Awesome Dawson being inducted into the Hall of Fame yesterday? We watched a little of it, but it went on (and on and on) from 1:30 – 5 p.m. and we finally got sick of listening to all the self-important blowhard announcers and broadcasters tell stories about how cool they used to be.

We did catch Fogerty playing “Centerfield” on his Slugger guitar

If you don’t know anything about Andre Dawson, he got screwed by the Expos in his earlier years after the artificial turf in Olympic Stadium pretty much wrecked his knees. He had something like 11 surgeries and came to the Cubs as a free agent with a blank contract. He just said, “pay me whatever you want, I want to play for the Cubs.”

He became the Cubs’ starting right fielder, and hit 49 home runs and was named the league’s MVP (take that, Expos, you pricks!). He is one of six MLB players with at least 300 home runs and 300 stolen bases during his career. He always said he loved the soft grass at Wrigley Field.

We have a DVD of all the great Cubs games since the dawn of television, and one of them is Dawson’s Aug. 1, 1987 game — he went 3/4 with three HRs and five RBIs.

Hope you’re all having a great Monday morning — peace.


7 thoughts on “moment in the sun

  1. I went out to dinner Saturday and had Diet Coke b/c the tap list sucked. I mean, I do love Sam Adams, but I had a 12 pack at home. SN something was the other decent choice.

    Even with no cable growing up, some entrepreneurial dude put up the biggest satellite dish known to man in our tiny PA town, ran some cables and we had hundreds of channels. WGN was one of them and I saw practically every Cubs game. It did piss me off that they always started an hour late, but I really loved Andre Dawson too (though I’ve grown out of liking anything else Cubs). šŸ™‚

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    • That and bullshit conversation. Gotta work hard for the money… I have no idea how many crappy convo’s about the weather I’ve had in my day as I worked in retail. “How’s the weather out there?” Really, I don’t give a crap how it is because I can’t see it nor do I want to because it reminds me that I’m instead working in this god forsaken store for another four hours…

      Sorry… didn’t mean to take it there.

  3. I love John Fogerty. That guitar is a trip, and Centerfield is one of the few Fogerty choruses I actually know the real words to without having to look them up. Nachos and beer are all part of a well-rounded recovery process, no?

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