pa POW

First of all, Level 3 of the Shred is lameballs.

And not because it’s all that hard — it’s just not all that fun either.

Too much jumpy, not enough lifty. My old lady knees can’t handle it.

Anyhoo, Thursday!

This afternoon I’m attempting my first trail run since I don’t know when. All you people have been teasing me with your tales of fantastic (and awful) trail runs– it’s driving me batty. Plus, I haven’t run with my katiepants in…MONTHS?! Wahhhhhh.

Hope I can keep up!

If I don’t die, I’ll provide you with a mind-numbingly detailed account of today’s endeavors.

In the meantime, enjoy this…it’s relevant, brutal and uplifting.

5 thoughts on “pa POW

  1. A solid week with no running from me and I feel pretty sucky about it. Just been doing so much lifting and moving and stuff at work that I feel all funky in my knees and ankles, and definitely worn the hell out already.


    I definitely don’t feel sucky about 5FDP, though. I missed a show by them last year and I’m still a little pissed about it. \mXm/

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