hot mess

Yeah, so I forgot about a bottle of La Crema I put in the back seat of my car last week…

Turns out corks don’t like heat. Who knew? (I knew.)

Don’t worry though– the bags caught most of it, the rest got Febreezed the hell out of, and I always keep a spare shoebox in the trunk for emergencies.

Anyhoo, how’m I doing on that ol’ marathon training?

Well, let’s take a look…

Week 1: projected vs. (actual)
Tuesday: 3 (3.75)
Wednesday: (3)
Thursday : 5-tempo (5.1)
Saturday: 8 (5.25)
Total: 16 (17.1)

(Yes, I know 5 and 3 don’t count as 8.)

Week 2:
Tuesday: 3 (3)
Thursday: 5-warm/2×1600 @ 9:49/800 jogs/cool (4-trail)
Saturday: 9 (???)
Total: 17 (???)

Yeah, I’m supposed to do 9 miles tomorrow and then go to an all-day concert. The odds of me actually doing 9 miles (concert notwithstanding) is slim to none. Especially since my longest long run hasn’t even been close to that. And if I DO miraculously complete nine miles, I will probably have to skip the concert and spend the rest of the day in an ice bath.

Realistically? I’m guessing I can manage six, maybe seven if it’s not too hot.

I’m not sweating it…yet.


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