it’s not me, it’s you

I kiiiilled 7 miles this morning.

The stars aligned. I’ll probably never be able to recreate these perfect conditions but here they are:

  • Exactly six hours of sleep. You might think a full eight would be optimal, but trust me. It’s six. Be a little tired and you sleep through the first mile or two.
  • 70 and overcast. Amazing the different 20° makes. Also, only 65% humidity.
  • Fuel = TJs PB cookie.
  • Pit stop. I did my regular four mile loop and then came back to the house, chugged some water, slapped myself in the face and got back out there. Was that cheating? Maybe. Did it work? Most definitely.
  • iPod. I haven’t been listening to music lately but maybe I need to start doing that again. A welcome distraction. Also, a nice way of determining if you’re at your max is how many words you can belt out between breaths (according to this month’s RW, one word = 90%, give or take.)
  • No allergy meds before running! Zyrtec may work wonders for my itchy eyes, but it’s a life sucker. Dehydrates the hell out of me. Never again.
  • Running very, very slow. Currently, my body seems to like a pace somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 minutes. I’m hoping that improves but I’ll take slow over pain any day. What can I say? I am like a delicate flower. A clumsy, retarded, delicate flower…

But really? It was the 70 and overcast that sealed it. I was beginning to wonder if I was unfairly blaming the weather for all my running failures, but turns out I was right.

Suck it, weather!

Okay, off to finish the world’s best cup of coffee, get in the tub and then it’s Mayhem funsies for the rest of the day. If my face isn’t melted off, I’ll see you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “it’s not me, it’s you

  1. Waiiit, give yourself a little credit, this isn’t just the stars aligning. Pre-run fuel, pit stops, ipod, allergy meds, pace… There are seven bullets on that list, and you can pretty much control five or six of them… meaning there will be more awesome runs to come. Aww now time to kick back, you earned it.

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