conquerer of worlds

Another record page-view day over the weekend — thank you all for reading this rubbish! It’s so nice to wake up all wrecked on Monday morning to see your comments and advice and encouragement. (For once, I’m not being sarcastic. Really, thanks.)

Typically, I have no idea what I’m doing from one day to the next (that goes for running as well as life in general), so I appreciate the guidance wherever I can get it.

For example, if I say something like, “oh, I love to lift things with my back and not my legs!” — please, feel free to tell me I’m stupid and that I’m probably going to hurt myself. I won’t take it personally, I promise.

I had a fantastic weekend. After the epic 7 miler, I went to Mayhem Fest with a couple friends and it was just about the best time ever. I took -seriously- 300 pictures.

We had pit “seats” and a couple times I was only a few feet from the stage. It really enhances your whole concert experience. I will never buy lawn seats again. My philosophy is that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who want to see the band and those who want to get trashed on the lawn. I am Team Band all the way.

Yesterday the hubby and I trekked across town to the south side for a little Oaken Barrel action. This brewery has fantastic beer AND the food is awesome too.

My favorite, of course was the Superfly IPA (pint). The Snakepit Porter wasn’t too bad either. Hell, I even liked the Alabaster wit, and I’m usually not a wit fan.

I skipped my workout yesterday, which means I will be relegated to doing NMTZ on a MONDAY. Oh, the horrors.

As far as running goes, marathon training is not as much of a complete train wreck (get it, TRAIN) as I thought it would be. This week the plan is to do a three, a five and a 10.

Remember how I didn’t die after that 7-miler? Well it totally went to my head and now I think I can conquer the world. Watch out, world.


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