Disgusting and muggy this morning — really really gross. 88% humidity.

People, where I come from, it’s not even humid when it’s RAINING.

Only 70s though, which I guess is better than trying to run right now when it’s 90 outside.

Despite all the icknast, I did 4 miles in about 43 minutes and felt pretty F%!#&;@ spectacular.

I was only supposed to do three this morning but I felt so good, I kept going. I know there’s a fine line between taking advantage of feeling great, and milking it so much you end up hating yourself later; I think adding an extra mile was a good balance.

And for my duh moment of the day: I just remembered I’m signed up for a 10k Saturday even though I’d like to run nine or 10 miles.

So the question I put to you is: do I just spank the 10k and call it a day, or do I run the 10k slowly and carefully and then run another 5k immediately after? (I don’t believe in the whole splitting mileage thing. It might be good exercise, but it doesn’t really count.)

Since my pit stop method seems to be rather effective, I’m leaning toward the latter. And for you sickos out there: running a 10k Saturday and a 15k Sunday is not a valid option for me, so don’t you dare even suggest it.


Anyhoo – tonight I’m going to try out boxing. Because running apparently isn’t punishing me enough.

Bye bye now.


9 thoughts on “yawn

  1. What’s the start time looking like? With a little luck and good planning, you could run three miles befoooorre the race and try to time it to coincide roughly with the race start so that you don’t have too long of a pit stop waiting around for the gun. Then your last six miles would be the race = good opportunity for a progression long run since running with others will pump you up.

  2. You can totally get 9-10 in on a 10K race. I would do 1.5 mile easy warm-up, 0.5 mile jog/strides, 6 miles race, 2 miles cool down.

    It’s muggy and gross here too. I skipped my run tonight. Glad you had a good run in spite of the mucky weather!

  3. So that’s why I always see crazy people running around before the race. It all make so much sense now.

    You guys are so smart. I’d like to think that might have occurred to ME if I’d thought about it long enough but the truth is, probably not. AAAAND if I get lazy I can just skip the cool down. Weee!

  4. I split miles once. Didn’t feel like it had the same effect as the normal long run. I know what the studies say. But it’s a mental thing.

    Give the 10k hell. And keep going. Make everyone else who’s done and cooling down on the side feel like crap. Yeah…

  5. I would run the race and then just tack on the extra miles, like park halfway down the race course or something and run back to your car after.

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