think I need a Lear jet


I did an hour and a half boxing class last night with a couple of friendies and it was brutal! SO FUN.

We started out with a 9-station circuit that included boxing and jump rope, jumping and rolling, pushups, side runs, sit ups, tricep dips and MORE JUMPING, lunges and planks..phew! Then we did a circuit with gloves *on* using the punching dummies. (I did not get to hit an actual person.) THEEEEN we did sets of pushups/side planks, sit ups and a bunch of neck and ab/oblique exercises that were absolutely insane.

Did you even know you could exercise your neck muscles? I thought I was a pretty worldly girl, but this was new to me.

And hell no, you don’t get to see any pictures. I was gushing like the Deepwater Horizon. (OH! Too soon?)

Since I had no morning run to contend with, I slept in today — and it’s a good thing because the weather is absolutely retarded. It was 80°/90% at 7 a.m. The NOAA hazardous weather outlook cautions “dangerous heat and humidity.”

Stop it you’re scaring me.

Anyhoo – thanks to all for the great advice on the 10k+ run – I think I’m going to try to do 1.5 warm-up/cool-down on each end of the 10k. I’m scheduled to do my volunteer gig Saturday from 11-5 so I have to keep in mind that I won’t be able to recover on the couch for the rest of the day.

By the way, tomorrow we’ll be celebrating my exodus from the womb. And I really deserve a lot of praise for making it out of there the way I did.

Let’s be real here, it’s the kid who’s transcending; soaking wet, cold and terrified. All the mom has to do is lay there, right? So. Congratulations to me on a job well done!

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Thank you and have a nice day.


13 thoughts on “think I need a Lear jet

  1. Yep. Many football locker rooms have a special neck exercise machine. That’s how jocks get that coveted no-neck look.

    I’m actually quite serious. The one in my high school was a hydraulic-piston-like thing with bass-boat-red-sparkle vinyl pads in four directions so you could push your neck forward, back, and to each side against resistance.

    Still, I must say, there’s no exercise quite like punching (or kicking) another human being. Not only is there the cardio benefit of using your muscles explosively, there’s also the “oh crap is this dude gonna knock my lights out?!?” Ah, how I miss my old martial arts days.

  2. My Dad used to teach me how to box when I was younger bc I said I wanted to be strong like my brothers lol! I kinda miss it! And any good plans set for your departure of the womb’s anniversary?

    • It’s a fantastic workout, and I’m sure there’s something to be said for being able to defend yourself against your brothers – lol!

      This is going to be the most epic bday yet — circus, pony ride, petting zoo, new car, new clothes…

      I might be lying. Probably just dinner and a movie. We’re old.

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