food for real people pt. 1

First off, all you pillow-biters who eat one spoonful of yogurt with a half a strawberry and call it a balanced meal, this is not the blog for you.

Following is the first segment (or last) in a series of posts I will dedicate to food for real people.

I see so many jerks out there starving themselves on so-called “healthy” diet foods, I thought I could help a few of them out by offering some unqualified (and possibly dangerous) advice on what active, healthy adults SHOULD be eating. So, without further ado…

My first installment of food for real people must begin with a shout out/bitchslap to Sarah over at Washington Ran Here for introducing me to the most vile delicious snack I’ve ever had.

Food for real people:

Cream cheese, Nutella, almond butter and waffle sandwich. Pack one on in the morning and you are good to go.

It really sticks to you, and it’s got the same amount of calories as one of those stupid little parfait cups from Starbucks that I can scarf in about 2.5 seconds (just kidding, I’m sure it’s got like, three times the calories, but you know what? I lie a lot).


Food for real people:

Yes, beer is food (as long as it’s BEER beer and not that Bud Lite Lime trash).

This is Sun King’s CDIII. It’s not even on draft at the brewery right now, but Patrick somehow weaseled his way into a keg of it.

I’ve had the Sunlight Cream Ale, which is everybody’s favorite session beer.

I’ve had the Cream Dream II: Electric Boogaloo, which is a pretty fine West Coast IPA.

And now I’ve had Cream Dream III: the Search For Hops, which is a fitting title for this 10% ABV/100 IBU imperial masterpiece.

I was anticipating a citrusy hoppy aroma, but right off the bat you whiff candy big time, sort of reminiscent of that tropical punch Kool-Aid. But you don’t get much of that coming through in the flavor; thankfully, the psychotic amounts of Simcoe, Citra, and Centennial hops spew forth a angry, tangy grapefruity bitterness with hints of sweet tropical fruit to give in a nice balance. Tight, fizzy carbonation adds a bit of a zing.

In a nutshell: yum.

And last, stop by and see my homegirl over at eat, drink, run. She runs a 7:00 mile and drinks beer in the shower. Enough said.

Actually, no. More to be said: she’s giving away a pair of dope compression socks today and you can still enter before midnight. Go do it now.

Actually, don’t. Because I want them. Forget everything you just read.

Tomorrow: 10k and then some.

Boogers –

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8 thoughts on “food for real people pt. 1

  1. I wanted to run right out and secure a bottle of that CD III: search for hops after reading the paragraph on it. Sounds mouth-puckeringly good. Go kill that 10K+some.

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