screw you, feets

Well, that was not the confidence builder I’d hoped for.

I didn’t get my 1.5s in — I was running late and jogged from the parking garage, then managed to do a couple laps around the Circle before the race started. (I also jogged with Susie to her car and back — hi Susie!)

So…maybe .75ish? Then I ran the 10k, which I’m sure you’ve gathered did not go well. I felt good. Strong. Weather was gorgeous…

Bunions were killing me. This is usually the indicator that I need a new pair of shoes, and I always wait too long. I hold out through awkwardness, long past discomfort and then agony sneaks up on me and ruins my day.

I actually had to walk. I re-laced at about mile 4, and that helped a little. I ending up running an embarrassing 1:13, which surprised me — I thought I did much worse. It felt like three hours. And I got beat by an old lady in a running skirt.

Anyway, live, learn. And don’t run in old shoes.

Anyone else have bunions? What do you do after a race? Ice? Heat? Chain saw?


7 thoughts on “screw you, feets

  1. Agreed on not running in old shoes. I don’t have bunions but I have weird feet thanks to years of dance. I find that ice baths and compression socks help with recovery. They both suck (and the latter makes people ask you if you’re going to play soccer) but it’s worth it in the end.

  2. Ugh, there are few things more frustrating than feeling good and strong cardiovascularly and muscularly but having some dumbass chronic injury pain that slows you down. Sorry to hear they were such a problem. And for pete’s sake, get those new shoes! Nice wide toebox! Go go go!

  3. I bought new shoes this weekend because my ankles were turning arthritic. Sometimes we need a kick in the ass to remind us to spend money on this expensive, painful, time-consuming hobby.

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