more whining

My feets are looking forward to a break from running for a couple of days –

I feel like putting the whole thing off on bunions and old shoes is kind of a cop out; I give myself credit when I do good but I blame outside forces when I do bad. It still just comes down to me not running like I wanted to.

I’ll say this — you cannot neglect your feet. I saw the warning signs during the last couple of workouts, I felt the discomfort, I knew how much mileage I’d already put on these shoes so I should have known.

But my last long run was so great. What changed between the seven I did last weekend and the seven I tried – and failed – to do yesterday? That’s what’s annoying. My neurotic feet never tell me in advance when they’re gonna go all wonky on me.

It’s okay. I didn’t have any big expectations going into that race anyway (especially with last week’s warnings of wonkiness to come), so I’m moving on.

This week’s total mileage: a pathetic 16.

Plan for next week will be pretty much the same. I’ll go for eight on Saturday (in new shoes, damn it) and take it from there.

Oh – so somebody commented about those Yoga Toes thingies and it was kind of abrupt so I couldn’t tell if it was spam or not. Tell me more! Anyone else heard of these things? Gimmick? Or do they actually help stretch your toes?

Thanky –

Tonight: birthday dinner tonight downtown, and I’m hoping, pregame, hubby will make me one of his famous kamikazes. Folks, it pays to marry a man who used to be a bartender. I’m telling you.

Okay, it’s just vodka, lime juice and Triple Sec, but he makes it with love.


5 thoughts on “more whining

  1. Yeah I’ve heard that if you go that route, just buy the cheap ones and not the fancy slick-looking ones that claim to cure bunions. I guess they all achieve the same end of stretching out the toe muscles, with debatable bunion pain-relief success. But if they’re driving you crazy, anything’s worth a try… right?

  2. Sorry the feet are being bitches. That’s one thing that makes me weary… I feel like the warning signs aren’t nearly as obvious as those in other places.

    Have fun on the birthday dinner! But it’d be impossible to not enjoy yourself if you pregame correctly…

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