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I had a great beer review all queued up to post last night, but then I got home too late and didn’t want to drink the beer. FOR SHAME.

I mean, I could have drank it, but I’d have felt like I was just slugging back a beer at 9:30 p.m. so I could bust out a blog about it, and that wouldn’t be fair to you guys or the beer. (But especially the beer.)

This week’s getting away from me but I wanted to share a few developments and (naturally) gripe about some things.

I bought some new running shoes yesterday and I’m optimistic they’re not going to wreck my feet. We did the whole treadmill thing and I tried on several pairs of shoes, taking into consideration the bunion situation as well as the orthotic situation. (We did not take into consideration the Situation.)

So. Gripe #1: I get really pissed when I learn things on the internet that my doctor should have told me to begin with.

For instance, when I was reading the literature that came with my orthotics, it didn’t say anything about how to place them in your shoe.

The specialist who fitted me with the orthortics at my podiatrist’s office told me I “could” remove the existing insole/sock liner from my running shoe, but didn’t say that I “should” or that I “really, really should.” She also didn’t recommend or suggest placing a regular flat insole in the shoe to provide extra cushioning for the balls of my feet.

Is that a big fat DUH? I don’t know, I’ve never done this before.

But I found this PDF on the webz that goes into great detail about orthotic placement and shoes, and I’m thinking this all would have been very helpful six weeks ago.

The other concern/gripe was not knowing whether I should still be in a stability shoe. Since the orthotic itself is supposed to correct the abnormalities, your shoe shouldn’t need to do that, right? And we learned on the treadmill yesterday that I’m 100% neutral on the orthotics, which is great news. That means it’s working.

So I bought a pair of neutral Asics Gels (WIIIIIIDE TOOOOOE BOX!) and they are cushiony as all crap. Like walking on pillows (or being on PCP, if that’s your thing).

Thoughts? Chronic injury stories you’d like to share? What’s your favorite dirty word?

Running activities this week:

I actually had a fantastic 3 miler yesterday morning. I finished in about 30 minutes, which is something just short of miraculous, what with all the 11:30 miles I’ve been averaging lately.

Tomorrow I’ll be attempting a 5 mile tempo in the new kicks. Happy thoughts, people.

And I joined that running site the Daily Mile, so if you haven’t had enough of me already, you can be my friend on there and get more of my mindless drivel along with instant data on mileage and pace. SCORE!

Happy Wednesday.


17 thoughts on “more mindless drivel

  1. Aw. I wanted to hear the beer review!

    On a running note, my brothers pressured me to run a few times with them on the boardwalk on vacation. I know, they are assholes. So I did a few 2-milers in my new sneaks.

  2. I actually used to work at an orthotic center! They were just as lazy and stupid. The owner actually used to have the billing supervisor there fit patients when he had walk-ins! Lol terrible I know. Good job on the 3 miles! Fav dirty word? Nutty Butt eww I know but I call my bf that and laugh so hard every. single. time. Too much?

  3. Chronic injuries SUCK! I had an chronic ankle injury that hurt all the time. I eventually had to have surgery on it–which helped a lot. Sometimes I ached in my ankle though.

    • Ugh- I feel for you. I sprained my ankle last year and then had a bout of plantar fasciitis on the same side – which I think was caused in part by the stiffness from the ankle sprain. (I’m not a doctor but I play one on my blog!)

  4. It’s crazy how oblivious some of the people who sell us our running shoes are. I’m neutral with high arches and some overconfident asshat at a box store once spent 30 minutes of his life trying dearly to sell me stability shoes. Ah well. Here’s to hundreds of painfree miles in your Asics gels!

    • HA! Thanks lady — I am in good hands in the running store department thank goodness; just feels like I’m lacking in the podiatric consulting dept. Heh. I really just need a team of experts to follow me around and tell me exactly what I’m doing wrong at all times. Kind of like the president.

  5. Hooray for new shoes, hopefully they help! Asics are my go to shoes, I love them! I think my fav dirty word is prob just a good old f bomb. I curse like a trucker.

  6. Pigfucker.

    Or, for a mixed crowd, douchebag.

    I have a chronic injury yarn that is far too long for a comments section. So instead I’ll share my chronic wart story, a sad sack tale that involved MY ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL CAREER. I eventually had to go to a hospital 30 minutes away to get laser treatment. Days that I had to go get the treatment included the day I was accepted into college and 9/11. Still have the scars on my right hand.

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