the tell-tale cow

I’ve been paying my own little homage to 3 Floyds this month, mostly by drinking every 3F beer I can get my hands on. (Dreadnaught, Pride & Joy, Robert the Bruce to name a few.) So with that in mind, here’s that post about that beer I’ve been trying to drink all week…

Dedicated to creating “not normal” quality beers, 3 Floyds is a brewery after my own heart. Ask my parents– I’m all about the weird. Which is why it’s pathetic I haven’t even made it out to the brewery in Munster yet.

But, with the exception of Gorch Fock, Munster Fest, Alpha Klaus and Black Sun (all seasonals), I have tasted all of their 17 beers, and even still have three Dark Lords aging gracefully in an undisclosed location.

As picky as I am about beer (justgivemethedipa), there’s nothing 3 Floyds does that I don’t like.

In the same way that Marge’s paintings “look like the things they look like,” 3 Floyds beer tastes like the stuff it tastes like.

They just do beer really good. Fully, full-on, all the time. I’m right. And if you don’t agree with me, you’re wrong.

Whenever I’m at the beer store, I have a hard time getting anything other than Dreadnaught, because I love it so. But since I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying it at Pat’s over the last few weeks, I thought I’d branch out, somewhat.

Hence, Apocalypse Cow (11% ABV/100 IBUs).

Okay, it’s a DIPA. I said somewhat.

I sampled A-Cow at one of the tastings last year (and apparently I was too lazy to do it justice – how rude punk rock of me), but this is the first time I’ve had a whole bottle to myself.

I bought it last week and ever since, it’s been taunting me from inside the fridge like the Tell-Tale Heart.

Finally, finally, I got to pull back the floorboards and admit the deed, so to speak.

Here’s what the Floyds have to say about it:

Emphasis on intense citrus, floral and velvety. This beer is smooth and sublime and glorious. And it may even be safe for those who are lactose intolerant (I’ll let you know in the morning).

Bottom line: When the apocalypse happens, I’ll be ready.


15 thoughts on “the tell-tale cow

  1. Funny that they are basically bragging that they are keeping out the sissy lactose-intolerants! I really wish we had access to this brewery’s beers here.

    Nice to see you branch out!

  2. I swear, if somebody ever makes a bourbon called “The Tell Tale” something-or-other, my money will magically fly out of my wallet so I can hold it in my hand (and mah belleh). I will have no control over it whatsoever.

    • Yeah, it’s a smallish outfit in Munster, IN. I know you can get them in Indy and Chicago, but beyond that I have no idea. Heh, Indiana’s one claim to fame.

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