pesto fuel-up

You know what’s funny? How I’m supposed to run 10 miles tomorrow.

The plan is to get up at the buttcrack before the high of 96° is reached, and do a cool 10 in the woods at the creek (realistically, more like eight).

I wouldn’t have any confidence in even doing that, but my feet feel so freaking fantastic ever since I got these new shoes, that I think I might actually be able to do it.

I know I said that last week too– shut up.

So I hadn’t ventured out into the garden for a couple of weeks, what with the debilitating heat and humidity, but I when I finally stepped outside last night, I was met with a basil explosion.


I haven’t made my famous pesto pasta lately — the dish that makes Mr. CTT’s eyes roll back in his head. Yeah, it’s that good.

Also, if all goes according to plan I’ll get to meet up with some bloggy friends tomorrow. TB is trucking his kid and wifey up north for a nerdcation and I’m crashing the party. I think TB and I might be long lost step-brothers.

And, this song has nothing to do with anything but it’s what I’ve got on at the moment. Do have a listen:

Stupid player didn’t wanna embed – just clicky.

Happy Friday, Internet.


6 thoughts on “pesto fuel-up

  1. Holy basil… seriously. Do you have a mutant plant in your backyard?

    Have fun with those 10 miles… I’m a little jealous that all this running around I’ve been doing as of late doesn’t give me time to actually pull normal workouts anymore. And without a training plan, I’m like a fish out of water. Blah…

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