Food for real people pt 2

More food stuff.

But first:

This is the look of pure ecstatic bliss my husband gets on his face when the Colts are down 37-17.

This afternoon we trucked down to Fountain Square for the last day of Indy’s Devour Downtown and had BBQ at the Smokehouse on Shelby. A bunch of restaurants all offer a special menu for a few weeks and it’s funsies.

Remember Robert? I just can’t get away from 3 Floyds (not complaining).

Hubs went for Doggie Style.

Chipotle BBQ wings.

Pulled pork, sweet potato fries and cole slaw. I’d love to try to screw this up at home some time.

He had to roll me outta there.

So I’m in Sunday night mode and feeling a little sluggish. Having trouble putting complete thoughts together. Heading couchward. Bye now.

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10 thoughts on “Food for real people pt 2

    • We didn’t actually *hate* the Colts until they beat the Bears in that Super Bowl. Now, it’s personal.

      We’re just waiting for Peyton to have some kind of catastrophic Tom Brady-esque injury that will put him out for the season. It’s obvious how little the Colts are capable of without him.

      • You shouldn’t hate the Colts for beating the Bears in that Super Bowl. For the love of Gawd, all that season you had Rex Grossman as QB. You saw what happened. He played three good games in the playoffs…everybody and their dog who watched that season knew damned well you couldn’t possibly get four games of Good Rex in a row. Blaming the Colts for that win is like blaming the ground for getting wet when it’s raining.

        I don’t take it personally that the Patriots beat my team in the SB. Of course, my team is the Panthers, so I’ve had to learn not to take anything personally. Or I’d have to eat a chainsaw or something.

        (No offense to any Browns or Bengals fans in the house.)

      • One of hubby’s friends called him Gross Rexman after a few too many and the name stuck. But man, it was fun watching that first drive when Hester ran it in. That guy is a football GOD.

  1. CRINKLE sweet potato fries…

    I have a weakness for SP fries and I knowwww there were other good-looking things on that plate, but those fries are branded on the backs of my eyelids and I might dream about them when I fall asleep. “Visions of crinkle sweet potato fries” dancing all up in my head.

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