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Yeah so, I bought a GPS watch and I’ve been geeking out over it ever since.

Don’t hate me. I’ve ridiculed you people mercilessly about these things (you didn’t know it, but I did). Turns out I was jealous! Yep. And now I’m apologizing. (It’s not the first time I’ve had to eat my words, and they taste so good…)

Yeah, that’s the label — I thought since I myself will never see a 7:56 pace on this thing, I’d better capture it for posterity.

I had several revelations during my run today that I would like to share with you.

1. What I thought was 1.5 miles was so not – it was much closer to two. No, that doesn’t explain why I still run craptastically slow in all my races but it did make last night’s run freaking fantastic.

2. I didn’t realize how fast I start out. Maybe that’s what’s been killing me halfway through (please god say that’s what’s been killing me halfway through). What I thought was a nice leisurely jog turned out to be a 9:15 pace (shut up, that’s fast for me okay?). So I slowed waaaay down and ended up maintaining a pretty steady pace and even having some leftover for the last mile.

3. I think this little doohickey might actually improve my running. Whenever I saw my pace start to creep up past 10:00, I sped up. Never underestimate the power of shame to strengthen and motivate.

Very important stuff.

I could be in a self-absorbed, culturally oblivious and vaguely sexist narrative about a girl who goes on a journey and learns important things. It’d be called Curse Drink Run.

Let’s celebrate! Beers are on the house (meaning you bring the beers and I will let you drink them for free in my house).

Peace –


59 thoughts on “geeksville, population: me

  1. Thanks for the link to that guy’s review. I read Eat Pray Love, and the only good part was when she went to Italy on a three-month pasta/pizza/wine binge. Wayyyy too much emotional temperature-taking in the other sections. Curse Drink Run should shoot straight up the best-seller list.

  2. I started running at the beginning of the summer and I always have to rely on someone else to tell me how far I’ve run. I have a few friends who have Garmins and they’re really into them. I might just have to get one.

  3. OMFG!! Congrats on the homepage. Now you’ll be cooler and more popular than me. That’s fucking wrong!!!


    Seriously, Congrats 🙂

  4. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these. I might start with a cheaper thing. I run now with no timer and when I get back I’m always 30 minutes for 5 km. I really need to get the time down and I think one of these beauties could really help!

  5. I’ve had my garmin for a year and love it. I’d always look forward to seeing how my run went. I always replace my trainers after so many miles so now I can see from how much mileage i’ve done when I’m due for a new pair.


  6. I always wanted to be a runner but I hate it! Instead I use the elliptical machine and enjoy the use of my iphone. But if I were a runner, then I think I would have to have this device! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

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  8. Neat. I don’t have the newest Garmin, but I like mine a great deal.
    1. Consider yourself lucky-when I got my first one, I found out that my favorite 9 mile run was actually my favorite 8.5 mile run
    2. Yup, going out fast can be a killer. When I was young, foolish and fast, I could recover from that. Now I have to rely on sensible pacing. And Tylenol.
    3. It should-I’ve found mine very useful, especially the heart rate monitor. I don’t obsess about the graphs, but it does help to see what sort of effort I am really putting out (I used to use the Mike Pain Measure, judging my effort by how much it hurt).

  9. So, how is it that you work that “power of shame” into motivation? Apparently my shame button malfunctions a little too often and my pain button goes into override status. Congratulations on the new purchase and on being FP’ed!

    • Psh. My pain button broke off and fell into the machinery years ago and now it’s just running unchecked. Everything hurts. Shame helps counteract that, I think.

  10. I’m still on the fence about the GPS watches, but part of me really wants one for the reasons you liked it — it would be so nice to actually know exactly how far I’m running and exactly what pace I’m running at all times. Your blog might have just inched me a little closer to buying one, or at least waiting for Christmas to ask for one.

    Good luck in your training with your new toy!

  11. Congrats on FP! And i want to join the ASR too- i’m so freaking slow!! My race mantra has now become Anything But Last… i don’t have a gps watch, but use RunKeeper on my iphone… it’s awesome to see your elevations/times/route as reported by satellite.

    Your blog is great- anything that pokes fun at that eat/pray/love crap, that also includes beer and running and techie geekdom is All Right by me… 😉

  12. I am on my second Garmin. I love it. I had a runner’s log but this is just easier. Also, I hired a running coach (don’t ask) and after I was injured he analyzed my log and told me what I was doing wrong. I got rid of the coach but kept the Garmin…enjoy!

  13. Everyone’s commenting! I’ll comment, too! Blast you for mocking my GPS watch, but welcome to the fold. We greet each other with a secret handshake in which we bump wrists because our watches are too clunky.

  14. I liked the idea of a GPS watch when I was training for the London Marathon last year, but I think if I wasn’t distracting myself doing constant mental arithmetic based on landmarks and times, I’d actually think about the fact I was training to run 26 miles, and I might just stop…

  15. Julia Roberts #peoplewhoneedtodie
    Elizabeth Gilbert #peoplewhoneedtodie

    It didn’t take me long to get addicted to my Garmin. Your first hit is free but…the cost will rise.

    You have been warned.

  16. I’ll agree, I’m totally jealous of this device.

    I’m too cheap to buy these fancy gadgets, so I just salivate and do some hating when I see them pace me by. I’ll admit it!

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