cuz I’m a gangsta…

What’s more embarrassing than running a 12-minute mile?

Doing it in a sports bra.


I will now drown my shame in a growler of Upland Double Dragonfly



23 thoughts on “cuz I’m a gangsta…

  1. It coulda been 13 but that’s where the walkers start to pass you. I’m betting it’s just the new watch gadget that’s the problem. Once you figure that out… you’ll be dangerous.

    Plus I saw a beer there.

  2. Oh god I fear running in just a sports bra, props to you. I also just sat inside drinking wine instead of running in the heat so again you beat me. Also lulu4lyfe! Totally going there this weekend.

  3. Dunno if it’s just me, but alllllll of your archived entries have been re-posting to my feed reader. From, like, 2009. Appreciate the opportunity to go back and read what I missed, though!

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