deep fried butter Y’ALL

So at our state fair this year, the big thing is deep-fried butter.

I was kind of hoping the whole fried butter thing was an urban myth; something terrible that’s exaggerated or fabricated for the purpose of teaching a valuable lesson. Like the Pop Rocks thing, or Heidi Montag.

Indiana is ranked 17th fattest state, and Indy is the 24th fattest city in the nation. No, we didn’t make the Top 10. Something to shoot for next year I guess. Which is what brings me to deep fried butter.

Looking at the pictures of this stuff made me want to barf even more than seeing MTAE’s photo of genital warts.

I mean, how does that even work? How do you make the butter not melt when it goes into the fryer? Do they use some kind of semi-permeable non-nutritive varnish to keep it firm? Do I even want to know???

It just makes me sick you guys. I like to eat food and all, but come on. I maybe splurge on something totally gross once or twice a month, but then like any NORMAL person I starve myself or do cocaine for a few days to balance it out.

I’m guessing the majority of people who are going to take advantage of the doughnut burger (oh hai, we have that too, didn’t I tell you?!) and the butter balls aren’t going to head out for a 23 mile run later on to burn off all the calories (and that folks, is not an exaggeration).

I don’t know what to say except, maybe just hit the Tilt-A-Whirl and go easy on the fried butter?

Oh, and never stay at a Knight’s Inn.


26 thoughts on “deep fried butter Y’ALL

  1. I think they actually batter the butter and THEN deep fry it and cover it with powdered sugar. We saw it when we were there and it looks like little balls of dough. They did have several healthy options at the State Fair like the Farmers Market Cafe and the Dairy Barn has 2% Milk. There weren’t a lot of lines for fresh veggies/fruit though.

    • OH GROSS. But I guess the fair isn’t really conducive to walking around and riding rides with a platter of raw veggies and onion dip, is it? 😉

  2. What was super interesting about the state-by-state obesity rankings was how it was so different for blacks and Latinos. I wonder what accounts for that. What about Wisco makes 44 % of blacks fat, I wonder? ANYWAY. I had a deep fried Twinkie once and it was delicious and made me sick, all at the same time. Americans are dumb. Maybe they forget about the getting sick part.

    • yeah — the last time I ate Popeye’s Chicken it was divine…but then I was severely sick for the rest of the night and my face broke out. Buzzkill.

      I actually read a story this week about the racial disparity in childhood obesity rates and it said a big factor is that in some areas it’s difficult to regularly find affordable fresh produce, and in some areas, it’s not safe for kids to exercise outside.

      • Aw yeah, the fancy term for that is “food deserts” —,8599,1900947,00.html. Grocery chains avoid certain neighborhoods because they’d lose so much money to stolen goods. At some of the city schools I worked at last year, I’d decide to “swing by a grocery store” on the way to a club meeting so I could bring some snacks for the kids I worked with, and I’d have to drive five miles out of my way just to find a place that didn’t have bars on the windows and store owners looking at me funny for even being in the neighborhood. Sorry for the comment hijack. Love that clip, Paula Deen has such an awesome cackle.

      • I’ve been waiting to use the Y’ALL in a blog post title for a while now. I go around saying “stick a butter YALL” all the time now – I just shout it out and startle people at random.

        And – you miss smarty pants, can hijack my comments anytime.

  3. As a native of an extremely rural and poor section of a Southern state, I’m something of an expert on eating things that are extremely bad for you. Hell, from the time I stopped drinking formula as a baby all of my meals were with sweet tea: 1 cup of sugar per half gallon.

    But doughnut burgers, deep fried twinkies, fried butter? That stuff makes even ME say “ew, gawd, y’all people need help.”

    • I think it did originate in Texas – shouldn’t be a surprise considering it has FIVE cities in the top 10. Everything’s fatter in Texas! Holla!

  4. Deep fried oreos, yum, never tried those… some deep fried twinkies? I’ve actually tried that and it is sickingly exciting I’m not too proud to admit. Don’t judge me, the whipped cream inside of it was melty.

    soooo melty. Besides that, I haven’t done anything too dangerous food wise!

  5. dear god the things people eat… I think the worst thing I’ve done is an elephant ear at the fair… and corn fritters w/ honey butter if you can consider those on the top list of bad fair food. what is this world comming to and seriously… WHO THE HELL ACTUALLY INVENTED DEEP FRIED BUTTER!!

    just gross

    p.s. i would suggest that the aforementioned deep fried butter inventor should be shot for such horrible inventions but he/she is either comatose or already dead from the aforementioned inventions…

    p.s.s. thanks for listening to my lengthy drivle…

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