So, this is what I actually did on Wednesday, but what with all the fantastic content I’ve been dishing out lately (eye roll), I haven’t had time to post it.

Thought Friday would be a good day to do a beer post, and I don’t wanna blab on and on about running so much that I lose any of my beer peeps (this one’s especially for you, DBR).

I trekked over to B-Rip with Katiepants Wednesday for some tasting and shananigans at Upland Brewing’s Indy tasting room. It’s one of those eclectic little store fronts on College Ave. with plenty of atmosphere and not a lot of seating (although I’ve never had trouble finding a place to park my keister.)

It’s like stepping into a day in the life of your average 20-something hipster. Outside, there are more bicycles than cars. People just hang out like it’s a coffee shop. They read the local weekly alternative paper, do their homework or look at Facebook on their laptops.

The more seasoned beer drinkers just stop in to fill a growler and they’re on their way. (I guess I’m somewhere in between.)

You can order flights of three or six beers. Being me, I went for the six-flight and started in reverse order with the Double Dragonfly.

(Click to enlarge)

This might seem like old news to all you Indy folks, but I’m guessing at least a few people from parts south (hint, hint, Floriduh), may not be familiar with Upland (but if I’m patronizing you, feel free to e-slap me in the face).

I had:

Upland Wheat Ale – 4.5% ABV/12.6 IBU. It’s supposed to be a rendition of a classic Belgian wit, so I don’t know why they call it Wheat. In the photo, it’s that one in the back corner that’s the color of lemonade. It’s okay — the hubs likes it, but it’s too yellow and “witty” for me.

Preservation Pilsner – 5.2% ABV/36 IBU. Classic Bohemian-style lager; 10% of profits go toward land conservation. As far as Pilsners go, it’s got a crisp, clean finish but in my opinion, it’s like every other Pilsner I’ve had– not much on flavor. (But coming from an Imperial Girl, that’s probably to be expected.)

Helios Pale – 4.9% ABV/21.7 IBU. That’s more like it. Sesh beer. It’s got a nice, hoppy, citrusy kick, but it’s smooth enough to go down easy, even if you’re not into psychotic amounts of hops. This would be a good poolside, golfing or camping beer.

Dragonfly IPA – 6.5% ABV/40 IBU (500 Maries). Now we’re talking. Seven hop additions. Freaking floral nose, bitter, citrusy kick and a nice smooth finish. Boom. (Oh, and, if you’re confused right now, DBR created a new hop scale in my honor because I complained that not enough beer bloggers include IBU in their reviews. So, future reference: 1 IBU = 12.5 Maries. *The More You Know*)

Altered State – 4.7% ABV/40 IBU. Altbier — I admit, I had no clue WTF an altbier was until this one. This was apparently one of Upland’s 2010 UpCup Winners, a homebrew competition. It’s an old-school style pre-lager that’s top fermented (or something). I couldn’t get any aroma off this whatsoever, but it was pretty good. Flavors I usually despise in beer, malty/bready/toasty, actually worked on this one.

Double Dragonfly Imperial IPA At 9.1% ABV and 80+ IBUs (1000+ Maries), you know this is my kind of beer. I reviewed it once before, when I bought it in the big 22 oz. bottle. The draft version poured kind of a dirty copperish brown; reeeally hoppy and a little overly boozy without that smooth floral finish you’d find in say, Dreadnaught. I totally bought a growler of it anyway, just because I could. Don’t get me wrong– it’s good. But when Dreadnaught is your standard for comparing all other beers, more than a few are going to fall short. Still, try it if you get the chance.


7 thoughts on “brewnanigans

  1. Wow. We not have any cool brewpubs like that around here, but the atmosphere reminds me of my college town and the hippie locals.

    Remember, that in addition to the “Marie” being named for your complaint, it also is because you’re so bitter! LOL.

    Talk to you later. I’ll be thinking about Upland coming here some day!

  2. Have you always had your own personal quantitative bitterness scale? Because, awesome.

    I like the idea of that witty beer… the type of beverage with which one might exchange clever pleasantries. Ba dm chhhh! Har har. Does the “wit” mean “wheat,” or “white” ? I am intrigued by the color on that one.

    • HA. it’s so convoluted — I might not know what I’m talking about, but I THINK there’s wheat, which is a kind of white, and then wit/witte/weiss all refer to whites. I haven’t had too many that I liked — the Alabaster Wit from Oaken Barrel was probably the only one.

      *The More You Knooooow!*

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