All your sanity and wits, they will all vanish…

So, y’all just don’t get me do you?

My first attempt at posting a video blog was met with derision, bewilderment, ridicule and at least one spam comment in Russian that may or may not have been a death threat. (That means it’s working?)

In reality, it just sounded stupid so instead of scrapping the whole thing I thought I’d be clever and overlay it with some bad Russian music like in a silent film and let you guys sort it out. Next time I won’t leave so much to interpretation. And I will wear a gorilla mask and string bikini.

Let’s move on…

It’s going to be nutty in CTT-land for a while. I just had a crapload of work dropped in my lap so I may be scarce until oh, October. Plus we’ve got a short week coming up, and immediately after that we make our grand ausfahrt from the good ol’ U.S. of A for parts Deutsch. (I know, I know, Russian, Deutsch, what’s going on here?) And after THAT we’re going camping.

I have no idea where this whole year has gone.

I at least know that things will stay routine for two more weeks. Then all bets are off. I may need to do some pre-posting and lazy blogs to keep you guys occupied through the off-time so you don’t quit me. (Or if you’re uber lucky, you might get a shout-out from a cybercafe in Rothenburg!) Let’s just cherish this time we have together, shall we?

Today’s my rest day and tomorrow’s an easy 3 miler.

Until then, please enjoy some more of the musical stylings of our friends to the east…



7 thoughts on “All your sanity and wits, they will all vanish…

  1. My problem with the video is that I can’t be trusted to watch youtube videos that last more than ~17 seconds. Which is ironic, because my posts sometimes can stretch to 17…pages of stupid blathering. Nicht so gut. Can’t wait to see some of the German beers you get your hands on.

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