she works it baby

First off, let’s all wish my hubby a happy 32nd birthday! If he was more like me, he’d be ransacking the house for his presents right now. Thankfully, he’s the more grown-up half of this unholy union, so I don’t have to worry about him peeking before I get home this evening.

I do have more beer funsies today, finally. (It’s been a long three days on the wagon, eh?)

But first, check out these negative splits:


I bought three new beers last weekend – a Brooklyn Brewing Monster Ale Barley Wine – 10.8% ABV/23.7 plato (no IBU/Marie info), the aforebloggedabout North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout and – dun dun dunnnnnnnn – The Mikkeller/Brew Dog Divine Rebel, a 12.5% ABV (IBUs unknown) barley wine aged (partially) in Scottish whisky barrels that I am going to hold onto until the apocalypse.

Last night I cracked open the Monster Ale BW.

Side note: check out Daily Beer Review for his fancy-shmancy, exclusive interview with BB’s Garrett Oliver. It doesn’t suck.

And neither did this beer.

I tried the Brooklyn IPA a while back and to be honest, I just wasn’t a fan. I know I hold my IPAs to immeasurable standards (ahem, cough, 3 Floyds), but it just didn’t had that floral velvety smoothness I so desire. It had a nice upfront hoppy bite, but without that smooth finish you need to balance it out. But that’s just my 2 cents.

This guy, however, I really enjoyed. It wasn’t like your typical barley wine, gritty and sweet; it actually had a nice well-rounded beery flavor that didn’t make me feel like I was guzzling booze.

I picked up spicy, sort of cinnamony tones and along with the hoppy citrus tastes, caramel, syrup and brown sugar. Really enjoyable and more sessiony than your typical barley wine. I say go for it.

Some food pairings on the bottle; a nice touch:

And, since I’m in an incredible mood today, have a listen to this. If there’s a better hip-hop song by a white, fat, Jewish vegan, I haven’t heard it.


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