saved up my useless thoughts

I don’t know how other bloggers do it, but usually I’ve got something in the hopper for a new post. Whenever I think of something stupid or funny, I’ll just throw it into a draft. Or snap a picture of a beer and save it for later.

But I’ve used up all my draft posts so today, I’ll just be wingin’ it.


Last night the hubs and I went over to our local watering hole and saw a blues band. Ate some wings. I had the black bean veg burger and it wasn’t bad. I think all they did was throw some black beans on top of a Morningstar patty and call it a day, but the pepper jack cheese, lettuce and tomato helped make it a meal.

They had Upland’s Helios Pale on tap, which I’ve tasted before. And we may or may not have partook in Irish car bombs. (Oh, the sacrifices I make!)

The in-laws are arriving sometime this afternoon and tonight we’re going to see Indy’s AAA team – the Indians (how clever). We have a fantastic ballpark and they have some pretty good craft beer selections too – everyone wins!

Then tomorrow we are off to Nashville (Indiana) for some outdoorsy junk and some sight-seeing. I plan to sneak us into a brewery for “lunch.”

At some point I’ll have to work in a long run. Wish me luck on that.

Hope all of you MotoGP geeks have a great time in Indy this weekend. We’ll be avoiding Speedway like the plague. =)

(Blog title: Helmet, Milquetoast)


14 thoughts on “saved up my useless thoughts

    • I know – I’m BUMMED! Don’t rub it in too much on Monday. 🙂

      I’m not sure about the long run. I’m way behind where I need to be so I feel pressured to do more than I probably should. I have 12 on the schedule; realistically, maybe eight?

      Good luck with your 16! Is that your farthest ever?

  1. Wait, so you sometimes have a backlog of post drafts all lined up? Drafts of your draughts, perhaps? That. Is a good idea. Now I feel dumb for not thinking of it. My posts are all useless thoughts of the moment, occasionally pre-drafted in my head during a workout. Sounds like you’re in for a fun weekend… wish my baseball stadium had a craft beer selection.

    • A backlog of drafts sounds so professional. Mine is more of a series of insults, funny curses and one-liners that I somehow shape my posts around.

  2. I never think the traffic is all that bad until right after the race on Sunday. We usually spend 35-45 minutes just trying to get out of Lot 2 and onto 20th.

    We ate dinner at The Cabana Room in B’burg on Thursday evening; otherwise we were doing the takeout thing because we were so frickin’ tired!

      • The food at the Cabana Room was really damned good. The races were AWESOME, but I’ll post about those in great detail later, so no need to clog up your comments.

        I wore a hat most of the weekend, so no sunburned noggin. My neck got a little red on one side when we were taking photos of Friday morning practice. Dys burned her face and chest pretty good, though. She forgot the sunblock until it was too late.

      • ha! Hubs does the same thing. And he’s fooking Scottish so he burns after about 40 seconds in the sun. Glad you guys had a good time – next year I wanna go with ya!

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