the day in beer

Firsties, I’m still a little bitter that I’m missing HBG4 today and all your incessant twittering is not helping matters.

Okay, let’s move on.

I got up at the crack o’ dawn this morning and ran eight miles — and WELL. I felt awesome and probably could have even kept going. Best run I’ve had in a long time. I can’t even describe to you how dope I feel right now. I was beginning to think I was running retarded. But it’s working. It’s finally working.

Bugs me I didn’t finish out that last mile, even though I was pretty close. But there was the house, right in front of me, so I stopped. Meh, I still rocked it.

Especially after having nachos, a hot dog and three Osiris Pales at the ballpark last night.

The Indians lost. Nobody cared.

We headed down south to putz around in Brown County today. It’s a great place to go for fudge, homemade ice cream, biker shit, primitive home decor and novelty hot sauces.

Programming note: September 9-11 is biker weekend in Brown County; in reality, every weekend is biker weekend in Brown County.

We had THE best pulled pork nachos at Big Woods – I had the Possum Trot Pale. Also tasted the Busted Knuckle Red and the Big Woods Stout. All good.

Then BBQ pizza with more pulled pork, pineapple and red onion.

Even the bathroom was funsies:

This has to do with nothing. I just took it for MTAE.

Okay, I’m off for more beer family time. Bye-bye.


5 thoughts on “the day in beer

  1. 1. Nice run…eight is impressive.

    2. “r-word” love.

    3. Mel Gibson is so intimidating that random places around the country are just reserving parking places for him…just in case he happens to stop by. Too bad they are silly enough to think that this will keep them from becoming a victim of one of his rants.

  2. Your habit of negative splits with each mile makes me envision that during the marathon, you’ll continue this pattern and by mile 26 you’ll be at world record mile pace.

    And heck yes! I just noticed the recent inclusion of scrollover text.

  3. Hey Impressive! Are you doing a Marathon? I have just completed my Warriors reac that I “had” been training for!! Didn’t do enough but finished all the same!

    Morning runs – do you just get up and run or do you have breakfast first? I considered morning running but was afraid with out food I would not have the energy to run far!

    • Yeah – it’s Nov 6…my first one!

      I usually just eat a handful of almonds or something small, lest I barf. But I only do 3-6 miles when I run before work. I save my long runs for Saturdays and do eat a little bit more.

      You hadn’t blogged in a while – keep it up!

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