something like normal

Hope you missed me yesterday — I knew I couldn’t compete with the Emmys so why bother, right?

But we did it up real classy with mimosas — then canceled it out by watching Man vs. Food and Jersey Shore all day.

We are pretty sure JWoww is a man.

I’m really jazzed about have three fantastically non-painful runs last week — so much that I was nearly compelled to go running again this morning. Luckily I accidentally slept through the alarm came to my senses and decided to stick with the schedule.

I’m still behind in my training but now I feel more optimistic about being behind in my training. I actually feel like a runner again, instead of someone trying to pretend to be a runner.

On the schedule for this week: a two, a seven (mile warmup; 3×1000 @ 9:43 with 800 jogs; mile cooldown) and a 14. The 14 is probably out of the question, but considering how much I had left in the tank after the eight-miler on Saturday, I know I can manage at least 10, maybe 11. 11 would make me feel good. We shall see.

Meanwhile, here’s something for your ears to like.

Have a good one.


14 thoughts on “something like normal

    • HA!! She totally does. Hysterical!

      I’ve never made mimosas at home before – just did it on a whim yesterday and I must say it was a very good decision.

  1. jwoww IS a man. the voice, the bolt-ons… it all fits. I bet 14 isn’t out of the question. Your splits have been so significant in their drop that you can definitely threaten 14. You can always just start with 10, then take a nice long pit stop/refuel, and then tack on 2 cooldown miles or something… and see where it goes…

  2. It thrills me to think about reading your 1000 meter repeat recap. This will be exciting, I think, though maybe more for me than you. Anyway. I watched a lot of Man V. Food and felt slightly less human after. Poor Adam is gaining weight. What a shocker!

    • What is that like, 2.5 times around the track? I’ll need to channel my inner Sarah to get me through it.

      I said the same thing about Adam – it’s a funny show but the gluttony kind of makes me sad. I just picture starving people in Africa watching the show and crying (don’t ask me how they’re watching).

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