everyone is a burning sun

Yeah so I just wanted to give y’all a quick word up before I get some work done. Gotta cram a couple of weeks worth of crap into four days — yay!

I have a ton of great photos from STL I want to share at some point. They have this whole strip of wineries along the Katy Trail west of St. Peters. We shared several bottles and ate our weight in cheese and crackers. Then Sunday we cruised downtown and walked the City Garden. We took off our shoes and got in the fountain — if that’s not a metaphor for how you should live life, I don’t know what is. =)

We wanted to take the brewery tour at Schlafly but unfortunately we were both wearing flip-flops (part of my summer uniform) and they don’t allow open-toed shoes back there. Oops. They did have some loaner shoes but they turned out to be a bunch of sweaty Crocs that people from the tour ahead of us had just finished wearing. Ew? I could not bring myself to put them on. Can you blame me?

So we took our own tour – 6-flight style – and didn’t feel like we missed out on much.

Like I said, photos forthcoming…

I did manage to snag this guy from the Garmin site – HOLLA!

Saturday’s run went better than I ever could have hoped! I managed to wake my ass up around 6:45 and get out the door by 8:00 — after laying around on the couch for a while, making coffee, eating a handful of almonds and then driving to my pit stop area to stash my water bottle.

There’s a new condo development going up exactly four miles from my house, and it has a great hiding place for the water bottle, a dumpster AND a decently clean porta-potty. So I guess in other words, I had a pot to piss in. Window to throw it out of, not applicable.

So I stopped at my pit area at mile four, had a drink, a gel and a pee, ran another two miles up the road and came back. Same spot: another gel, another pee, finished up the water and got on my way again. Twelve miles. Boom, as Sarah would say.

I won’t lie — that last couple of miles was tough. I was trying to increase my speed by 10 or 15 seconds each mile but I didn’t quite hit the mark. I was kind of all over the place actually. For some reason I wasn’t able to pace myself as well as I have on shorter runs. Miles 7-9 felt so good I just wanted to barrel down the road; by 10 I was starting to feel achy in my feet and kneecaps. But guess what? I still felt like a million dollars when I finished. And it gave me confidence that I might actually be ready for this marathon come Nov. 6. Even if the rest of September’s a wash, I can catch up in October. If I can do a 14, a 16 and a 20 before November, I think I’ll be good.

Also, if you guys get Runner’s World, this month’s issue has some great tips for marathon beginners and injury prevention. Go study up.

Enjoy your day! Here’s a jam that’s been in my head all weekend – get into it.

I’m not sure what the song really means, but I like to think it’s about how brief and fleeting our existence is, but at the same time beautiful and passionate. Dig?


9 thoughts on “everyone is a burning sun

  1. Haha. No way. They wouldn’t let you in b/c of flip-flops? That’s like drinking on the beach isn’t permitted.

    For what it’s worth, I wasn’t allowed into a club in NYC on night b/c I had on shorts. I won.

    Glad you stayed for the beers and can’t wait to see the pics.

    • We couldn’t go on the tour of the actual brewery. I think it’s a health code violation or something. But we still got to eat and drink in the restaurant – pizza was to die for.

    • That I could see my house was probably the motivation! Thanks for all your encouragement – you told me last week I could do it. I just need ya to follow me around and kick me in the ass ALL the time!

  2. My suggestion for the race is to actually train. Honestly, I think that I injured myself before my race… And the two week break allowed me to actually run.

    Open toed shoes. I am sure my personal policy is already “out there,” but I don’t want feet near anything I eat, drink or breathe. Who wants beer that tastes like feet?

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