touche, feet

So yesterday morning I ran three miles and it went just fine but I haven’t been feeling so hot in general since that 12 mile fiasco.

I’ve had these phantom twinges in the usual places on my right side, arch and ankle; but now, also on the back of my left heel. And both kneecaps.

I’ve been trying to ignore it. I thought if I didn’t mention it, it wouldn’t be real. But let’s face facts. No matter what I do? Something always hurts.

I read in RW that beginner runners are more likely to get hurt during long runs because they don’t know how to run efficiently when they’re tired, and I’m fairly certain I fall into that category.

I’ve run six half marathons, but I haven’t done any of them all that well, in my humble opinion. I know I don’t run well when I’m tired. And I think that is primarily what’s causing the pain: my stupid self.

Also, it just so happens I am leaving on a jet plane come Saturday and likely won’t get a lot of running in while I’m strolling the streets of Deutschland. Can you picture me running down the city streets of Hamburg, the cobblestone lanes of Rothenburg, the platzes of München? Yeah, neither can I.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m down for a teeny tiny break anyway. I’m going to take it easy next week and come back pain-free and ready to kick ass all the way through October. Then I taper. Then I dominate. Then I’m done.

So here’s what I propose. Feel free to tear it apart as needed (click to enlarge).

I do seven tomorrow; basically take next week “off,” and then do my 14 as soon as I get back from Germany. (We actually get back Saturday night so it’s not like I’m planning to hop off the plane and immediately go run 14 miles).

Then Week 10 is business as usual.

Thoughts? I really need your help on this one, folks. Turns out I haven’t a clue what I’ve gotten myself into.


13 thoughts on “touche, feet

  1. A couple of thoughts, none of them expert: it is not unnatural to have twinges in your body as you ramp up mileage. Aches and pains are one thing(s?), overuse injuries are others. Are these sharp pains, dull pains, or what? Where in your knees are they? Do you feel them first thing in the morning, during the run, after the run, and so on. I wouldn’t pull the panic lever yet, is what I’m trying to say.

    That said, if you’re achy, why not swap tomorrow’s seven-miler with something shorter, and do the seven mile one next week. Forget speedwork for the time being. And ice your aches like a maniac.

    • Good to know! I was hoping for the “get outta here” diagnosis vs. the “oh you’re so dead” one. The pain’s just kind of feel twitchy and dull, definitely not anything sharp or agonizing. The foot pain I think is from morning stiffness and seems to fade throughout the day. The knee pain is mostly during and right after running and gets better with ice.

      Thanks for the help yo-

  2. Seeing as I’m pretty clueless myself, I can only imagine the pains you are feeling are just normal increase of mileage soreness like sarah said. Either way I think taking a break next week will be just fine.

  3. I was ordered by a doctor to take a week-long exercise break right in the middle of marathon training. I was pissed, but it didn’t seem to hurt me in the long run because I had a nice base already. My first few runs back did feel sluggish, though. Point is, you can certainly get away with a break if you think your body requires one.

    I’m with Sarah about temporarily nixing the speedwork. That’s the first thing I back off of if I’m starting to accumulate lots of aches.

  4. Hmmm. How do new runners learn to run when tired? I’m training for my first half… and afraid of the new twinge I feel on my right knee!
    Have a great time in Germany.. it’s my favorite place ever- Prost!

    • danke schön!

      Yeah – the article didn’t get into that. I was wondering the same thing myself. When in doubt, Rest Ice Compression Elevation, the gospel of running. =)

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