bis später!

And we’re off!

Well, tomorrow.

I ran five miles this morning and felt lousy. I wasn’t in pain exactly, I just didn’t feel like myself. My pace was the same as my 12-mile run! Garr. I really don’t care.

I haven’t slept all week; work’s been nuts. I won’t bore you with the details because NOW I’M DONE! And I can relax. Weeee!

Tonight I will be boning up on my German (Entschuldigen sie bitte, wo ist die toilette? Können sie bitte etwas langsamer sprechen? Nehmen sie auch den brandgeruch wahr?) and doing my best to pack according to the Rick Steves Minimalist Approach to European Travel which means taking ONE bag, TWO pairs of shoes and VERY LIMITED TOILETRIES. The last thing you want to do is drag three suitcases over cobblestone five blocks to the train station. So I am sacrificing variety for comfort.

Plus, you can experience Europe much more intimately by going into a grocery store and buying something you think might be toothpaste but will later turn out to be personal lubricant. HOW FUN IS THAT?!

I’ll leave you with a couple gems from my first trip to Germany in 2004…

Auf wiedersehen! Machs gut!


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