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Yo –

I’d love to give you something really eloquent about our little holiday, but I’m not really feeling very funny today so…yeah. Maybe tomorrow.

What I do have for you is yesterday’s 12 miler. Blah to the blah.

I feel obligated to disclose that I stopped and walked for about 15 minutes after finishing mile 11; “off the clock.” Then I started the timer again and ran the last .73, which explains the improved pace at the end there.

I was shooting for 14 miles. So. Not my best work.

I would blame the jet lag, but I actually felt fine. We got home at around 8:30 p.m. EST Saturday night, but it felt like 2:30 a.m., so we pretty much just went straight to bed. Slept all the way through until 5 a.m. when the incessant whining from our attention-starved cat compelled us to get up and play with the little bugger.


The reason for the less-than-stellar run was, again, my stupid feet. I went on an eight-day hiatus from running and my heels sill hurt the.whole.time. Granted, we did a lot of walking. A LOT. And also took the 542 stairs to the top of St. Petri Kirche in Hamburg. (No, I did not burst into flames when I stepped inside.)

But ye olde feets should have felt better, right?


I’m so sick of all this feet-hurting doody. I’ve been through three different types of running shoes in the last year and nothing has changed. If anything, it’s worse. Yes, this coincides with a dramatic increase in mileage, but so what? I haven’t been doing anything a million other people don’t do every day.

Did I mention I just happen to be reading Born to Run? It’s about the Tarahumara, an amazing tribe of super-runners living in the Copper Canyon of northern Mexico. The premise is that running shoes are ruining our natural ability to run astounding distances and causing an epidemic of owies. In a nutshell.

I’m not one to base my entire existence on the contents of just one book, but the guy makes a pretty convincing case.

Running in sandals? Embracing my natural ability? Listening to my feet instead of trying to fake them out? Sounds kind of beautiful, eh?


Hell, I’ve tried everything else. And I’m *this close* to cutting bunion holes in my running shoes anyway.

Okay. I’m not saying I’m going to go out and buy a pair of huaraches. But more cushioning and stability does not appear to be working out for me. Maybe it’s time to try less.


11 thoughts on “feet things

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  2. I wouldn’t doubt your feet still hurt after taking a vacay from running. Sight-seeing vacations are killer. I swear, on vacation this year we probably walked 7 or 8 miles a day easy. That’ll still wear you down! Maybe a rest day or so off of them completely? I say this, but would probably never do it if I were you because I’m obsessed. But I figure I’d throw it out there anyways. Just for good measure.

    • I know right?! I wanted to use the garmin to track all our mileage but I had to conserve the battery b/c it was our only alarm clock! And, I could always use an excuse to stay horizontal for a whole day!

  3. Just dont get Vibram 5fingers. Donnnnt doooo it! Or do it, whatev. I’ll lol. 🙂

    Sorry to hear the feet are still being cranky. It DOES sound like time to reevalutate your footwear situation. Do you know of a sports orthopedist or anything like that who might recommend an appropriate/helpful shoe model?

  4. HA! No way on the 5fingers. It will be a much more desperate situation before I go that route. I’m thinking some light, flat, neutral track/trail shoes, but still with a wide enough toe to accommodate los bunions. I’ve seen a podiatrist, but I got the impression they put anyone in orthotics who walks through their door. I need to talk to someone who’s not just into fixing the problem with more cushioning.

    • I saw a podiatrist and got the $400 custom orthotics that haven’t done squat — at least my insurance covered most of it! I get the impression that’s all podiatrists do. He seemed flippant about everything. (For instance he said after bunion surgery I’d be running again in just a couple weeks!) He didn’t tell me anything other runners hadn’t already told me. I had to bring up treatment myself, and when I mentioned stretching/rolling/massaging/icing/etc., he was just like, “yep!” So…I know I need to get a second opinion but now I’m hesitant to see another doctor who’s going to tell me there’s nothing that can be done. Blah.

  5. Feet are gross…and those feet are WHY covered shoes were invented. There have to be 10 layers of dead and callused skin on them. If your feet looked like this you could never re-marry….if the nee ever came up…and feet like that would cause a divorce.

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