first date

Yeah so I’m still working on a hot piece about Germany, but you beer and food geeks will have to wait through another super-dull running post before it’s done. My apologies*

This morning I did an easy three miles in some new uberlight “minimalist” shoes (although I’m already starting to hate that term; it just sounds pompous, kind of like “flexitarian.”)

I ended up going with the Adizero Tempos by Adidas.


They were actually snug enough to grip my narrow heels (a problem I’ve had with exactly every other running shoe to date), but not so tight they squeezed me in the toebox — note the breathing hole for los bunions.

They’re the lightest, flattest shoes I’ve ever had — I really did feel like I was barefoot. I tried to focus on feeling the road and gripping it with my toes. I still probably have terrible form (everyone I’ve ever met has told me I walk funny), but so far no pain or awkwardness.

I’m not going to pick out curtains with them just yet, because I’ve professed my love to brands before and then they end up beating the crap out of me shortly after the honeymoon is over.

But it was a nice first date.

*Bite me.


12 thoughts on “first date

  1. I was going try to write a thoughtful comment but I can’t get past “first date” and “walking funny.”

    Yeah. Sorry.

    At least they’re some good-looking shoes. Can’t blame you for givin’ it up. 🙂

  2. Oooooooh. Those are preeettty. I think most females tend to have narrow little heels in proportion to a wider forefoot (compared to men), but I struggle to find good “female”-targeted shoes that are extreme enough to accomodate just how big the difference is. Hope the honeymoon lasts with these…

    • hee! – yes I’m reading it right now. that obvious, huh? I don’t want to change my whole philosophy on running after just one book but it’s pretty convincing. Running stores keep putting me in more and more cushioned/stable shoes and it isn’t helping. Thought I’d go in the opposite direction this time.

      I also just bought Chi Running -anxious to start that one too!

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