back to earth

Ran 8 miles last night and felt pretty rad.

If you remember, my plan for total domination was to do four on Tuesday this week, and speedwork on Thursday:

Well, the hell with speedwork. I was feeling a little insecure about training and thought I should do something significant in terms of mileage rather than speed.

You can tell I started to feel crappy around mile 5 or so, but then I found a little extra and managed to pick it up for the last three. The last mile actually felt really good. My knees and feet weren’t hurting at all. I’ve never been a fan of longer runs in the evening after work, but what’re ya gonna do?

In Born to Run, one bit of indisputable advice you get is to repeat this mantra when you’re running: easy, light, smooth, fast. (Yeah, it turns out, ow, shit, oh god, ow, wasn’t getting my head in the right place. I know, I can’t believe it either.)

I think when you focus on your state of mind, it has the added bonus of helping you subconsciously focus on your form too. You pick up your head, straighten your back and move forward instead of wobbling from side to side as I find myself doing when I’m tired. Free your mind…and…something something. Heh.

Oh, P.S. I decided to shirk the 20 miler I’m signed up for on Sunday to go camping. I’m not ready for 20 anyway, so it would have been miserable. I’ll do 16 when I get home on Sunday. No worries, says me.

And here’s a good free your mindish type song by Rusted Root – enjoy.


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