gotta get up and run

Yesterday, I did the unpossible: I ran (almost) 16 miles and didn’t die.

I’m actually not sure if this run inspired confidence or not — it kinda just freaks me out that I have to do that plus 10 more.

Best not to think about it yet. Let’s bask in the glory just a tad longer, shall we?

I was really impressed by my pace– I’ve had 12 mile runs that were a hell of a lot slower (hell, I’ve had FIVE mile runs that were a hell of a lot slower). I don’t wanna jinx myself, but am I getting good at this?

I’m not gonna lie, miles 13 and 14 were tough. I knew I was crossing the threshold into uncharted territory — my first run beyond 13.1. I almost cried. My knees and and ankles were starting to feel pretty wonky and I couldn’t really tell whether I was standing up or crawling.

Then this song came on, and I swear to you it gave me the push I needed to make it home:

Never underestimate the power of metal.

Now, I know some of you might be saying to yourself, “MARIE, THIS IS BORING! WHAT ABOUT THE BEER?”

Well, I drank a lot of it over the weekend.

Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch is one of my all-time favorites; also tried some new stuff from Bell’s including Oktoberfest, 25th Anniversary Ale and…dun dun DUN: Bell’s Oracle DIPA.

Wow. At 10.4% ABV/110 IBU, it’s definitly not fooling around, but it’s an easy drink, surprisingly. I found it to be smooth and delightful but still boozy enough to make you appreciate it. A woot to you, Bell’s, for a DIPA well done.

Went on a fantastic 6-mile hike Saturday –

And then teh hubz whipped up some even more fantastical grub. I swear, everything tastes better when it’s cooked outdoors.

And there is nothing, nothing like sleeping in the woods and not showering for two days.

Aaaaad we’re back to civilization. Enjoy you day.

5 thoughts on “gotta get up and run

  1. Total domination.

    This should inspire confidence. Props for getting 3 miles into uncharted territory… if you can tack on an extra three like that, you eventually reach a point where tacking on ten more won’t feel that unpossible either.

  2. It is true: something about the carcinogenic firefumes just makes food incredible. Like OMG THE EGGS ARE LIKE AMBROSIA!!! I like camping food. I like camping.

    Nicely done on the 16!! Can we call this…a breakthrough?

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