weightful things

First, I just have to say I was really bummed to hear that Greg Giraldo died. He was a brilliant comedian and my favorite roaster. Truly sad. We lose a genius, yet Christine O’Donnell continues to breathe. So unfair.

Don’t do pills, you guys! I’m serious. Just smoke pot or something. Nobody was ever found dead in their hotel room after smoking too many joints.

Moving on…

I had an AWESOME BEER last night: Heavy-Weizen, a 7.3% summer seasonal unfiltered wheat from Southern Tier.

WOW. This beer’s got what (I have found) most wheats lack, namely flavor.

It punched me in the mouth with lemons, bananas and cloves –oh my! Nice, smooth body with a thick, rich head. Not overly boozy for the ABV; rather, I just wanted to chug it down and drink another. A++

Tonight: an easy five mile run in anticipation of the 18er I’m planning on Saturday.

For anyone who is interested (nobody), I ended up going with the Amphipod water belt because it was $9 cheaper than the Go-Lite.


I wore it around the house last night in my PJs to try and get a feel for it. (Yeah, I’m a dork but I’m fine with it.)

It does feel light enough, and it didn’t seem to bounce (resting snugly atop my Oakland booty), but it is a little hard to reholster. I think it could get annoying trying to do that while running. But it still seems less annoying than carrying something in my hand for 26 miles. The true test will be when I actually run with it. I will keep you posted, my dears.

A big up to one of my favorite people who I’ve never met, Angry Runner, for recommending Running Warehouse to me — 2-day delivery and free shipping?! YEEHAW. (I was however, devastated to find the shoes I just bought for $99 on sale there for $64.95. Balls! I blame her for that too.)

Let’s also give a shout-out to my parents, who are coming to visit this weekend! They don’t know it yet, but they’re going to spend Saturday recovering with me on the couch with beers.

Happy Thursday friends. LIVE.


12 thoughts on “weightful things

  1. 1. I AM AWESOME, AREN’T I? (And I failed self esteem class in elementary school!)

    2. So sad about Giraldo. 😦

    3. YOU ARE DRINKING SOUTHERN TIER!!!! If you get a chance, try Phin and Matt’s. I was introduced to it when a friend of mine put it in some pancakes. mmmmmm

    4. I refuse to take the blame for that. Blame Sarah Palin instead.

      • Very hoppy, so I think we had a buckwheat pancake? With bananas? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

        Southern Tier brewery is only a couple hours from me, so its plentiful around these parts. YEE HAW.

  2. My office-mate recommended a post-mortem roast of Giraldo. I bet that would be pretty funny. Too bad he’s gone. Very funny guy.

    As for that beer, sounds really nice. I don’t think that ST beer is down here, though. My loss.

  3. I was really bummed about Greg too. I was a fan of his roasts. And he was on the Howard Stern show a lot (which I listen to religiously). It’s truly a wasteful loss.

  4. I eagerly anticipate your review of running with the fuel belt. EAGERLY. Also, before reading I just saw the pictures, and assumed there would be a joke about Heavy-weisen acting as the contents of your amphipod liquids bottle. Lastly: thanks for the running warehouse tip via AR.

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